Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 61

61. Sampathi's Story

[Sampathi tells the sage how while trying to protect Jatāyu, its wings got burnt.]

Then I informed the sage about the impossible and horrifying act done by me of following the Sun when it was red hot. 61.1

"Oh God like sage, due to my body being wounded I am feeling ashamed and with senses greatly disturbed and also being exhausted, I am not able to reply you." 61.2

"Me and Jatāyu, both of us being valorous, with a passion for competing with each other, flew very high in the sky." 61.3

"On the mountain of Kailāśa before the sages we bet with each other that we would be able to fly with the Sun from sun rise to sun set." 61.4

"Then both of us saw from the top of the sky simultaneously, the cities of the earth one after another passing like Chariot wheels." 61.5

"At some places we heard sounds of musical instruments, in some places, the chanting of Vedas and the songs sung by ladies wearing red garments." 61.6

"Quickly flying on the sky and following the path of the Sun we saw many forests which looked like lawns to both of us." 61.7

"The earth with its very many tall mountains appeared as if it was covered with pebbles and the rivers of the earth appeared like threads." 61.8

"The great mountains like Meru, Himalayas and Vindhyas appeared in the earth like elephants wandering in shiny reservoir." 61.9

"Then both of us felt intense sweat and fear while we were journeying like that and we also experiences bad delusions and stupor." 61.10

"I did not know about any direction, south, south east and west appeared to be same and the world appeared as if it was being burnt by the fire at deluge." 61.11

"My brain power got deranged and with great effort depending only on my eye sight, I struggled to make my mind focused on my sight on the Sun which appeared as big as earth to me." 61.12-61.13

"Then without telling me Jatāyu started falling down on earth and seeing that I too started getting freedom from the sky." 61.14

"I prevented Jatāyu from being burnt by covering him with my wings and accidentally my wings got burnt and I fell in to the path of the wind." 61.15

"I guessed that Jatāyu fell on Janasṭhāna but I with burnt wings and devoid of consciousness fell on the Vindhyas." 61.16

"Losing my kingdom, my brother, my wings and my valour, I desired to fall down from the top of the mountain and die." 61.17

This is the end of Sixty First Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.