Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 60

60. Sampathi and Sage Niśākara

[Jatāyu and Sampathi used to often visit a sage called Niśākara. After falling down on Vindhya Mountains, Sampathi went and met sage Niśākara. The saint enquired with Sampathi as to what has happened to his wings.]

Then after the vulture finished its ablations and bath all the monkeys sat surrounding him on that pretty mountain. 60.1

That vulture Sampathi surrounded by all monkeys and Angada sitting near him, caused great trust among them and again started talking. 60.2

"Oh monkeys, be silent and hear with a concentrated mind, because I want to tell you, how I came to know about Maithili." 60.3

"Oh matchless Angada, Earlier I had fallen on the Vindhya mountain being burnt down by the rays of Sun." 60.4

"For six days and nights, I had lost my consciousness; after that on looking I could not recognize the difference in directions." 60.5

"Then on seeing oceans, mountains and rivers and all the lakes and forests, I could regain my senses." 60.6

"Since the mountain was teeming with groups of birds, caves, midriffs, peaks and seeing the shore of the southern ocean, I decided that it was Vindhya." 60.7

"There was the holy hermitage of the sage Niśākara, who was engaged in harsh penance there and this used to be even visited by devas." 60.8

"That great sage an expert in Dharma left to heaven earlier, I continued to live in this sages mountain for the last eight thousand years." 60.9

"With great difficulty I continued to live on the mountain sides onerously and slowly and the sharp Durbhā started growing on earth 60.10

"Since I wanted to see the sage, I went speedily with anguish that hermitage, because earlier me and Jatāyu had gone to meet him several times." 60.11

"Near about the hermitage the wind carried perfume as no tree was flowerless and no tree was fruitless." 60.12

"I reached near the auspicious hermitage and waited near a root of a tree with a great desire of seeing that sage Niśākara." 60.13

"Then I saw that unassailable sage at a distance shining like fire and he was returning after taking bath with him facing the north." 60.14

"I saw bears, antelopes, tigers, lions and diverse reptiles and snakes following him, like the living beings follow Brahma." 60.15

"Just like all the ministers and army retreat once the king reaches his home, all the beings accompanying sage went back when the sage reached his hermitage." 60.16

"On seeing me, the saint was greatly pleased; he again came out of the hermitage within a short time and asked me the purpose of my visit." 60.17

"Oh gentle one, on seeing your deformity of your hairs which makes you difficult to be identified I feel sad. Only your wings are burnt but you are alive still." 60.18

"I have seen both of you vultures earlier both equivalent to the fire God and both of you were having the speed of wind and could change your form as per your wish." 60.19

"Are you not really the elder brother and Jatāyu your younger brother and both of you used to touch my feet taking human forms." 60.20

"Did your wings fall down due to some disease or has this suffering been imposed on you by some one, you may please tell." 60.21

This is the end of Sixtieth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.