Rāmāyana | Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 6

6. Sugrīva Shows Sītā's Ornaments

[Sugrīva recollects that a lady being carried in the sky by a Rākṣasa has dropped some ornaments there. Rāma identifies them as belonging to Sītā. ]

"Then that Sugrīva again told Rāghava, the son of Raghu clan, "Oh Rāma, I have been informed by Hanuman, who is my best minister and friend, the reason for your coming to the desolate forest along with your brother Lakṣmaṇa. When you were living in the forest with your brother, The Rākṣasa has stolen Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, when she was crying when you and Lakṣmaṇa were not with her." 6.1-6.3

"Seeing for a proper chance that Rākṣasa also killed the vulture Jatāyu and that Rākṣasa made you sorrowful by separation of wife from you," 6.4

"You would soon get rid of the sorrow caused by the separation of your wife for I will restore her to you like the Vedas were restored back." 6.5

"Whether she is in Rasātala or whether she is in a place in the sky, I will get you back your wife, Oh killer of enemies." 6.6

"Oh Rāghava, Oh greatly valorous one, please know that my words would become the truth. It is not possible for Indra or devas or asuras to make your wife disappear, like poisonous food cannot be digested." 6.7

"Oh greatly valorous one, leave out your sorrow as I will get back your wife. I think by inference that I have seen Maithili who was crying was being carried away by a cruel Rākṣasa as she was hoarsely crying "Rāma, Rāma", "Lakṣmaṇa, Lakṣmaṇa" while she moved like a restless king of serpents on the lap of Rāvaṇa." 6.8-6.10

"Seeing the five of us sitting on the mountain top, she dropped her auspicious ornaments tied in her upper cloth." 6.11

"Oh Rāghava, we have collected those ornaments and preserved them and I will now get them, so that you can recognize them." 6.12

As soon as Sugrīva told like this Rāma who talks pleasantly ""oh friend, get them quickly, what is the need of a delay?" 6.13

When Sugrīva was requested like this, he went in to a deep cave on the mountain, so that he can get them and make the desire of Rāma to come true. 6.14

Carrying the upper cloth as well as the auspicious ornaments, that monkey showed them to Rāma and told, "You can see them." 6.15

Then Rāma took in his hand the auspicious ornaments kept on a cloth and his eyes were filled with tears and he looked like a moon, covered with dews. 6.16

Being greatly in love with Sītā, he was made wet by the tears that he shed and wailing "Oh darling", he fell on the ground, not able to maintain his natural courage. 6.17

Holding those well decorated great ornaments to his chest, he took painful breath and got enraged like a great serpent in its pit. 6.18

With shedding tears continuously and speedily, he saw the son of Sumitrā who was standing by his side and wailing piteously he started telling. 6.19

"Oh, Lakṣmaṇa, please see the auspicious upper cloth and the ornaments of the body thrown down by Vaidehī." 6.20

"Sītā must have dropped these on the grasses in the grassland because the ornaments she has dropped have not been damaged." 6.21

When Rāma told like this Lakṣmaṇa told these words in return," I do not know her armlets nor her ear rings but I recognize her toe rings because I used to salute her feet daily." 6.22

Then Rāma told the following words to Sugrīva "Tell me Sugrīva, as seen by you to which place did that cruel looking Rākṣasa has taken my darling who is dearer than my life to me ?" 6.23-6.24

"Where does that Rākṣasa who has caused great sorrow to me live? Because of that one, I am going to destroy all Rākṣasas." 6.25

"By abducting Maithili, he has caused great anger in me and by doing that for his own life, he has opened the doors of death." 6.26

"Oh king of monkeys, Tell me about that Rākṣasa who has abducted my beloved one and caused trouble to her and I will take him to the abode of death." 6.27

This is the end of Sixth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.