Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 55

55. Angada Decides to Fast

[Angada lists the bad actions and qualities of Sugrīva and tells that if he returns Sugrīva would punish him greatly. He prefers to fast unto death. All other monkeys join him.]

Hearing these humble words of Hanuman, which were according to Dharma and full of devotion to the king Angada told. 55.1

"Stable behaviour, self-purity, compassion, frankness, valour and bravery are not to be seen in Sugrīva." 55.2

"He made his elder brother's wife as his even when his brother was alive, who according to Dharma is equivalent to his mother which is a despicable act and what does he know of Dharma when he closed the door of the cave when his great elder brother was fighting against his enemy." 55.3-55.4

"He had forgotten the very famous Rāma who had given his hand in solemn vow to him who helped him in completion of his act and whose help will he remember." 55.5

"He has ordered for the search of Sītā because of his fear towards Lakṣmaṇa but not being afraid of transgression of Dharma. How can such a man be righteous?" 55.6

"He is a sinner, ungrateful one, one who does not have memory and fickle minded and which respect one will have belief in him or one born in his family." 55.7

"My advisors are holding different views. I have offended the king and lost my power. How can I live in Kiṣkindha like an orphan in this weak condition?" 55.8

"Whether a son has good or bad character he would be installed on the throne and would Sugrīva like me, who belongs to his enemies family?" 55.9

"That Sugrīva who is adamant, cruel and treacherous would award me a secret punishment and would get me imprisoned." 55.10

"I would prefer fasting unto death rather than cruel imprisonment and you may permit me to do see and go back." 55.11

"I am taking an oath that I would not go back to the Kiṣkindha city and I would fast un to death and that will bring more fame to me." 55.12

"Please inform about my salutations to the very strong Rāghava and also enquire about his welfare and inform salutations to Sugrīva the king of monkeys who is my father's younger brother." 55.13

"Enquire from me the health and welfare from my mother as well as Ruma in my own words and you should also console my mother." 55.14

"By nature she is very compassionate and loves me who is her son as well as saintly. As soon as she hears about my death, she will give up her life." 55.15

After telling all this and after saluting all elders, Angada laid down on Durbhā grass crying and became disheartened. 55.16

The bull among monkeys seeing him lying down on the floor cried and was seen shedding hot tears from their eyes. 55.17

All of them surrounded Angada, who has decided to fast under death, blamed Sugrīva, praised Vali. 55.18

After understanding the opinion of son of Vali, the monkey chiefs sipped little of water and facing east laid down on Darbha grass with their edges pointing to the south, in front of the sea. 55.19-55.20

Those scared monkeys talked about Rāma's coming to the forest, Daśaratha’s death, the killing of Rākṣasas in Janasṭhāna, the death of Jatāyu, abduction of Sītā, Vali's death and the great anger of Rāma. 55.21-55.22

When the monkeys, who were like the peaks of mountains were trying to lay down, a huge resounding sound was heard from inside the cave of that mountain and resembled the thundering sound of stormy clouds. 55.23-55.24

This is the end of Fifty Fifth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.