Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 52

52. Hanuman's Narration to Swayamprabha

[When Swayamprabha asks who they are, Hanuman tells their story and how they reached that place.]

After all those monkey chiefs have eaten and taken rest, then that saint who did penance with a single mind told them. 52.1

"Oh monkeys, if you have lost your sorrow and have eaten food and fruits, then I would like to hear from you." 52.2

As soon as Hanuman, the son of wind God heard this he started to tell frankly as well as faithfully about his happenings. 52.3

"Rāma is the son of Dasaratha, the king of all worlds who was equal to Lord Indra and that along with his brother Lakṣmaṇa and wife Sītā entered the Daṇḍaka forest and his wife was abducted by force from the Janasṭhāna forest." 52.4-52.5

"He has a valorous friend called Sugrīva who is a monkey king and we have come here because he sent us." 52.6

"We who are led by Angada have very fearsome monkeys and have been sent to the southern side traversed by sage Agastya and protected by God Yama with a task to search for Rāvaṇa the Rākṣasa who can take any form he likes and also the Sītā, the princess of Videha." 52.7-52.8

"We have completely searched this southern area completely and being exhausted and hungry we took rest below a tree." 52.9

"We became greatly worried and our face became pale and were not able to cross the ocean of sorrow and were also not knowing how to proceed further." 52.10

"When were examining all sides we saw this cave hidden by creepers and trees and pervaded by darkness." 52.11

"We saw swans, Kurara birds and Sarasa birds flying from with wings drenched in water and shedding drops of water while flying." 52.12

"I told the monkeys that it is proper to enter this cave and all of them concluded the same thing and entered this cave." 52.13

Saying that "Let us go in, due to our haste in carrying out the orders of our lord", we all jumped in to the cave holding each other’s hands." 52.14

"Thus we entered this cave which was covered by darkness and we came in so that our task would be accomplished and we who were very hungry reached for your help." 52.15

"To honour the Dharma of hospitality you gave us fruits and roots and since we were troubled by great hunger we ate them." 52.16

"You have saved us who were dying with great hunger and please tell us how these monkeys can repay your debt." 52.17

When the monkeys who were votaries of Dharma told like this to Swayamprabha who replied to all the monkeys this way." 52.18

"I am pleased with all of you Oh quick and energetic monkeys and since I am living a life of Dharma, you need not do anything to me." 52.19

This is the end of Fifty Second Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.