Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 51

51. Monkeys Meet Swayamprabha

[When Hanuman asked her who she is and whose are these sacred trees and ponds she replies that it belongs to a Apsarā lady called Hema and she, whose name is Swayamprabha is guarding this place for Hema.]

After saying this again Hanuman addressing that great lady saint dressed in deer skin and said to her. 51.1

"We have suddenly entered this cave filled with darkness as we were exhausted by thirst and hunger and completely tired." 51.2

"Being thirsty when we saw a huge hole on the earth we entered here and having seen so many wonderful things here which are wonderful and matchless, we are amazed, pained and almost lost our consciousness." 51.3

"Whose are these golden trees shining like the rising Sun, these tasty roots and fruits, these golden high mansions, these houses with glittering golden windows adorned with meshes encrusted with gems?" 51.4-51.5

"By whose power are these golden trees yielding such sacred fragrant fruits and flowers have been created? How did these golden lotuses grow in pure water? How are these golden fish and tortoises found here? By whose ascetic power this was created so wonderfully? You may tell us about your own effulgence since we are not aware of these things." 51.6-51.8

When Hanuman asked her like this, that lady saint who was a follower of Dharma and who was committed to welfare of all beings replied to Hanuman. 51.9

"Oh bull among monkeys there was a person called Maya who was a magician and he has created this golden forest using his magic." 51.10

"During earlier times there was a Dānava chief called Viśvakarma and he has constructed this auspicious mansion of gold." 51.11

"He did penance in this forest addressed to Lord Brahma for thousands of years and he got all these wealth of Usanās from him." 51.12

"After creating this great forest that one who was strong as well as lord of passion, lived in this golden forest for several years." 51.13

"That great Dānava was passionately attached to a pretty Apsarā maiden called Hema and Lord Indra bravely attacked him with a thunderbolt." 51.14

"This great forest was given by Lord Brahma to Hema along with a house of gold and permanent enjoyment of pleasures." 51.15

"Oh best of monkeys, I am Swayamprabha the second daughter of Meru Sāvarṇi and I am protecting this forest for Hema." 51.16

"My dear friend Hema is well versed in dance and music and she has given a boon to me and also this great house and I am protecting it for her." 51.17

"What is your mission? What are you looking for in these harsh forests? How did you find this inaccessible forest which is looked after me?" 51.18

"After eating these wonderful food items, fruits and roots and after drinking these drinks, you please tell me about everything." 51.19

This is the end of Fifty First Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.