Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 50

50. Monkeys at Rikshabilam

[The starved and thirsty monkeys entered Rikshabilam thinking that they will get water and food. After a long struggle they see a fertile spot and a saintly lady.]

That monkey Hanuman in the company of Tara and Angada, searched inside the deep caves of the Vindhya mountain. 50.1

Then they searched near rivers inhabited by lions and tigers and having big boulders and in uneven places near the mountain streams. 50.2

When they reached the south west side of the Vindhya Mountain and were living there, the time set by the monkey king ended. 50.3

Hanuman the son of wind god further searched in the very deep and impenetrable caves on the south western side of the mountain. 50.4

With mutual understanding Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sarabha, Gandhamādana, Mainda, Dvivida, Suṣeṇa Jambhavan, Angada the heir apparent, Tara the forest dweller and Hanuman having searched all over the mountains went to the southern side covered by a net work of mountain ranges. There they saw a cavern with an open mouth called Rikshabilam guarded by an asura. 50.5-50, 7

Affected by thirst, hunger and tiresomeness those monkeys who were needing water to drink, saw a huge cave covered with thick growth of creepers, trees. 50.8

From that cave Krauṇcha birds, swans, cranes and Chakravāka birds drenched in water were coming out with their limbs reddened by the red coloured lotus pollen. 50.9

When those bulls among monkeys reached the cave, their mind was filled with wonder because they were not able to cross the give due to its fragrance. 50.10

Those lustrous, very strong and the best of the monkeys were happy because they guessed it contained water but they were not able to enter in it. 50.11

With scattering of different type of creatures, that place looked like a place of Rākṣasas as it looked dreadful and was very difficult to enter. 50.12

Then Hanuman, the son of wind God who appeared like a huge mountain, who was very knowledgeable about impenetrable forests told the monkeys. 50.13

"We have so far covered many mountain Ranges as well as countries on the southern direction and we are greatly tired and have not been able to see Maithili." 50.14

"From this cave Krauṇcha birds, cranes and Chakravāka birds emerge drenched in water and so this cave must have a well or pond with plenty of water and also we see that trees at the entrance shine with health." 50.15-50.16

When they were told like this all of them entered in to that dark cave as there was no sun or moon in that cave and it was fearful [horripilating]. 50.17

Then those tiger among monkeys entered that dark cave, from where the sounds of lion, tigers, other animals and birds were heard. 50.18

They were not able to fix their sight anywhere and their valour and lustre was of no use to them and they were forced to move like wind because they were not able to see in that darkness. 50.19

Those elephant like monkeys after passing some distance with great speed, saw delightful light and a pleasing place. 50.20

In that cave they found densely growing various type of trees and holding each other they went another Yojana in that cave. 50.21

They became bewildered and almost lost their consciousness and were desperate for water and they further walked in to the cave without feeling lazy. 50.22

When those weakened, exhausted monkey heroes with dejected face were about to give up a hope for life they saw a bright light. 50.23

After having reached that location they saw a forest shining like blazing fire dispelling the surrounding darkness. They saw Sāla, Tala, Tamāla, Punnāga, Vanjula, Dhava, Champaka, and Naga trees and also saw blossoming plants of Karṇikā, bunches of beautiful golden flowers, and tender leaves radiant like the rising Sun. They saw golden trees with creepers entwining them. These trees bedecked with golden ornaments shined like the rising Sun. There were structures encrusted with sapphire and Vaidūrya stones for reclining. Those golden trees were shining brightly. There were lotus creepers of the colours of Sapphires and Vaidūrya. The ponds surrounded by birds were filled with golden lotuses. 50.24-50.28

In the pond filled with pure water they saw golden fishes and huge golden tortoises along with lot of lotus creepers. 50.29

They saw big houses made of gold and silver there and the windows were made of gold with the shape of the eye of the cow, covered with meshes inlaid with pearls and they also saw houses made of gold, silver and mud and decorated with Vaidūrya gems." 50.30-50.31

The trees were in full bloom and bore fruits which appeared bright like corals. Golden bees were flying around. All kinds of honey could be found there in abundance. 50.32

They saw all over rich collection of beds, seats and vehicles wonderfully decorated with gems and gold. They also saw a large collection of wonderfully shining utensils made of gold, silver and bronze. 50.33-50.34

There they saw the divine incense of Agaru and Sandalwood and large collection of eatables, fruits and roots. 50.35

Various types of great drinks and various type of tasty honey, wonderful and valuable apparels and collection of blankets and animals skins were there. 50.36

The monkeys saw here and there collections of pure Gold which were glittering like a raging fire. 50.37

When the very strong ones were searching her and there in the cave those monkey warriors saw a lady nearby. 50.38

They were badly frightened on seeing a lady sage wearing a bark cloth and taking restricted food and shining greatly. 50.39

Those monkeys were taken aback and stopped there and Hanuman asked her, "Who are you and whose cave is this?" 50.40

Than Hanuman who was looking like a mountain saluted that old woman with folded hands and asked her, "Who are you? And to whom do this cave, mansion and gems belong to?" 50.41

This is the end of Fiftieth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.