Rāmāyana | Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 5

5. Rāma's Treaty with Sugrīva

[Hanuman introduces Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa to Sugrīva and after understanding each other they enter in to a treaty of mutual help.]

From the Riṣyamūka Mountain Hanuman went to the Malaya Mountain and announced his arrival along with the Rāghavas to the king of the monkeys. 5.1

"The very wise Rāma who is stable in his valour and truly valiant has arrived here along with his brother Lakṣmaṇa." 5.2

"Rāma who was born in the clan of Ikshvāku is the son of Daśaratha. He is well known for his Dharma and obeying the words of his father." 5.3

"When the great one was living according to religious rules in the forest, Rāvaṇa has abducted his wife and he has come to seek refuge from you." 5, 4

"This Rāma is the son of that king who satiated fire by doing Rājasūya and Aśvamedha Yagnas, who has gifted cows in hundreds and thousands in those sacrifices, who gave liberal monetary fees and made the priests happy, who ruled the earth by penance as well as truth and have come seeking refuge from you, for the sake of a lady." 5.5-5.6

"These two brothers are desirous of entering in to a treaty with you and these deserve to be worshipped by you and so receive them honourably." 5.7

After hearing the words of Hanuman, Sugrīva became very happy and dressed in the most presentable manner he told Rāghava. 5, 8

"You sir, are a student of Dharma, a greatly valorous hero and one who is dear to all and your virtues have been explained by Hanuman sincerely to me." 5.9

"Oh great Lord, You can accept my friendship, provided you like to have friendship with a monkey like me and it would be a great benefit to me." 5.10

"If you desire a treaty with, I am extending my hand now. Please hold my hand and give me the respect due through my hand." 5.11

After hearing the very good words spoken by Sugrīva, Rāma with a mind full of happiness held his hand, and for maintaining affection drew him close and hugged him. 5.12

Then Hanuman the destroyer of enemies gave up his form as a mendicant, developed fire by turning two wooden sticks and lit the fire in to a flame and offered flowers to that fire and with proper attention and a happy frame of mind placed the fire in between them. 5.13-5.14

Then Rāma and Sugrīva with great reverence went ceremonially round that blazing fire and established friendship between them. 5.15

Then with a very loving mind Rāghava as well as the monkey looked at each other and not being satisfied further looked at each other. 5.16

"You are now my dear friend and let us share with each other our sorrow and joy" told Sugrīva to Rāghava with a mind full of joy. 5.17

Then he cut a branch of the Sāla tree thick with leaves and flowers and sat on that branch of Sāla tree along with Rāma. 5.18

Then the bull among the monkeys Hanuman who was pleased gave a thickly flowered branch of a sandalwood tree to Lakṣmaṇa for him to sit. 5.19

That very happy Sugrīva using gentle and sweet words replied to Rāma whose eyes were shining with joy. 5.20

"Oh Rāma I have been insulted as I am moving with great fear after my wife has been taken over and force to live in this horrifying forest." 5.21

"Oh Rāma Being scared I am living in this forest with unsteady mind because I have been insulted by brother Vali who has created enmity with me." 5.22

"Oh great one, provide me protection from Vali as I am scared and pained by him. Oh son of Kakustha clan, you should act in such a manner that my fear goes away." 5.23

When he was told like this that son of Kākutstha clan, who was greatly lustrous, who likes Dharma, who practices Dharma, with a smile answered to Sugrīva. 5.24

"Oh great monkey, the result of helping a friend is well known to me. I will kill Vali who has stolen your wife." 5.25

"My arrows are never failing and sharp and are similar to Sun and using them I will speedily kill Vali with a bad character. My arrows are covered by the skin of Kanaka birds, sharp tipped, with straight tips, snake like and are equal to the Vajra of Indra." 5.26-5.27

"Now you will see Vali being hit these poison like sharp arrows and see him falling on the ground like a mountain which is shattered." 5.28

Hearing these words, which were pleasing to his mind, Sugrīva was greatly pleased, said these very important words. 5.29

Oh Lion among men Rāghava, I am sure that I would get back my wife and my kingdom, Oh God among men act in such a way that my elder brother who is my enemy is destroyed and killed." 5.30

When Sugrīva made this declaration of friendship Rāma, the left eye of Sītā which was like lotus petal, Vali's left eye of the colour of the gold, Rāvaṇa's fire like left eye twitched at the same time for a moment. 5.31-5.32

This is the end of Fifth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.