Rāmāyana | Kiṣkindha | Chapter 49

49. Angada's Talk

[When Angada finds that his monkeys are tired, he tells them to work hard, for otherwise Sugrīva would punish them. They start the search again but are not able to locate Sītā.]

Then the very wise but tired Angada consoled all the monkeys and told all the monkeys these words slowly. 49.1

"All of us have searched in forests, mountains, rivers, inaccessible forts, impenetrable areas, caves, mountain caverns and in all those places we did not find Janaki who is like a deva maiden and who was abducted by a Rākṣasa" 49.2-49.3

"After Sugrīva who is very strict in implementing his decisions ordered us, lot of time has already been spent and so we have to again search all over. 49.4

"Please search, giving up laziness and even sleep which overpower us and you may search for Sītā so that we can see her who is the daughter of Janaka." 49.5

"Absence of sorrow, perseverance and a mind refusing to accept defeat do lead us to achieve our objectives and that is why I am telling you all this." 49.6

"Oh dwellers of forest you may again search for her in impenetrable forests and give up your sorrow and start searching again in this forest." 49.7

"When you do any job, definitely you would achieve results and it is not proper for us to close our eyes and despair." 49.8

"Sugrīva is a king who gets very angry and gives severe punishments and we should also be afraid of the great soul Rāma." 49.9

"This has been told for your welfare and so please do it if it is agreeable to you and you may tell if you feel any other course is more suitable." 49.10

Hearing the words of Angada, Gandhamādana, who was thirst and exhausted told the following clear words." 49.11

"I think the words of Angada are very appropriate and they are aimed for our benefit and welfare and so please follow them." 49.12

"Let us once gain start searching in mountains, valleys, caverns, forests, desolate places and mountain streams." 49.13

"All of you may please search in all the places indicated by great Sugrīva and let us search in all forests and mountain forts." 49.14

Again all those very strong monkeys stood up and started searching in the forests surrounding Vindhya Mountains on the southern side. 49.15

The chosen monkeys who were eager to see Sītā searched all over the silver mountain resembling autumn clouds and in all its peaks and caverns after ascending the mountain. There saw the forest of Lodhra plants and that of the seven leaved Banana. 49.16-49.17

Those brave but exhausted monkeys climbed up the peaks but could not locate Sītā the queen of Rāma." 49.18

Then after searching the very many caves of that mountain and after looking everywhere, the monkeys ascended from that mountain. 49.19

Then they who were very tired and dejected at heart stood for a moment and sat below a tree.49.20

Then after taking rest for a little time with a little bit disenchanted heart they decided they will search all the southern direction. 49.21

Those monkey lords started the search again led by Hanuman started searching the Vindhya mountains all over again. 49.22

This is the end of Forty Ninth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.