Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 48

48. Angada's Search in Vindhyas

[Angada and others search all mountains, caves and forests of Vindhya mountains, Angada kills a Rākṣasa suspecting him as Rāvaṇa. They land up in desolate cave.]

The monkey Hanuman went along with Tara and Angada and started searching in those places as instructed by Sugrīva. 48.1

He went a long distance along with those great monkey heroes and searched in the caves of Vindhya Mountain and other interior places. He searched for her on mountain peaks fortresses surrounded by rivers lakes extensive trees clusters of trees, various mountains and in thickly grown trees. 48.2-48.3

All the monkeys started searching for Maithili, the daughter of Janaka in all places in that direction and those heroes could not find Sītā. 48.4

There were various types of fruits and roots and went on searching for her, halting in inaccessible places here and there. 48.5

They searched for her in places which are difficult to search and in great deep caves and in places without water, without men, empty, deep and horripilating. 48.6

After having searched in those forests which are fearful, those monkey leaders left that place and those fearless ones entered other very difficult places. 48.7

In that forest trees did not have flowers nor fruits nor leaves and that land was without water and so it was difficult to get even roots. 48.8

There one could not see Buffalos, deer, elephants, tigers birds as also other forest animals. 48.9

There were no medicinal trees, creepers climbing on tree, creepers spreading on the ground and in lotus ponds which is normally pretty did not have soft leaves or bloomed flowers and there was no fragrance there. The monkeys entered that forest. 48.10-48.11

There was a sage there called Kandu, who was great, rich in penance, short tempered, one who follows all rules and one who was outrageous. 48.12

In that forest his young son who was just sixteen was lost and later died and that great sage then became very angry. 48.13

And that great soul then cursed this great forest that it would become inhospitable and become devoid of animals and birds. 48.14

Those monkeys searched in all areas of that forest, mountains, caves, rivers and also the source of those rivers. 48.15

In spite of that they were not able to see the great daughter of Janaka who was abducted by Rāvaṇa and Rāvaṇa himself. 48.16

After entering there, they saw a large place covered by climbers and bushes and there saw an Asura of cruel deeds, who was not even afraid of devas. 48.17

There the monkeys saw a horrifying Asura who was standing there like a mountain in size and after seeing him they all stood in attention before the mountain like person. 48.18

He ran towards them in great rage raising his fist and told all of them, "All of you monkeys are now dead." 48.19

Angada the son of Vali seeing that Attacking Rākṣasa thought that he was Rāvaṇa, hit him with his open palm. 48.20

When Vali's son him, blood came out of his mouth and that asura fell on the ground like a mountain which has fallen down. 48.21

After he breathed his last, the monkeys who have won, then probably searched in all caves of the mountain. 48.22

They again searched that entire forest and entered another dreadful mountain cave. 48.23

They searched all over again and collected together at one place with a very dejected heart in a secluded corner and sat down. 48.24

This is the end of Forty Eighth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.