Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 47

47. Monkey Leaders Return

[The monkey leaders who were sent to east, west and North returned without finding Sītā. They all expected that Angada who has gone to the south but has not returned will find her.]

The leaders of the monkey army as commanded by the king of monkeys went swiftly in all directions to search for Sītā. 47.1

They looked for her in lakes, bottom of rivers, sky, towns, forts surrounded by rivers and in mountains. 47.2

As instructed by Sugrīva, all those monkey troop leaders, searched in all places including all mountains and forests. 47.3

During the day time they searched for Sītā and after that they assembled at night in one place to meet each other. 47.4

Those monkeys searched for her during day time and reached at night to trees which bear fruits during all seasons and took rest. 47.5

After spending one month like this those monkeys returned to Prasravaṇa mountains and the leaders of company of monkeys met with disappointment the king of monkeys. 47.6

The powerful Vinatā along with his ministers, having searched the eastern direction as per instruction of Sugrīva returned without finding Sītā. 47.7

Then the hero and great monkey Śatabala with his army searched all the northern side and came back without finding Sītā. 47.8

Suṣeṇa after searching the western side along with other monkeys for one month came back to Sugrīva after one month. 47.9

He came back met Sugrīva who was seated along with Rāma in Prasravaṇa Mountain, saluted him and then told. 47.10

"We searched everywhere for her in all mountains, all inaccessible forests, rivers, oceans and also on country side." 47.11

"We searched for in caves and in all places that were told by you and we also searched for her in huge bushes and places filled with vines." 47.12

"We searched again and again in the interior inaccessible places and in the uneven locations; killed the very strong beings in those places and searched in those impassable places." 47.13

"Oh great king of monkeys, exalted by strength and birth, the son of wind god Hanuman will alone se her because he has gone in the direction in which Maithili was taken." 47.14

This is the end of Forty Seventh Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.