Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 46

46. Rāma Asks Sugrīva

[The curious Rāma asks Sugrīva, how he knew in detail about all these places in all directions. Sugrīva tells that was chased by Vali all round the world after he came out of the cave.]

After the monkey chiefs left, Rāma enquired from Sugrīva "How is it that you know about all places in this entire earth?" 46.1

When Sugrīva heard that question of Rāma, he saluted Rāma and told, "Oh bull among men, I will tell now about it in great detail." 46.2

"When Vali chased an Asura called Dundubhi who came in the form of a buffalo, towards the Malaya mountain, with a wish to kill him, that tired buffalo entered a cave in the mountain and Vali also entered that cave with an intention of killing him." 46.3-46.4

"With humility I waited for him on that entrance of the cave for a period of one year but he did not come back." 46.5

"Then with a fast gushing blood that cave was filled up and seeing that I was surprised and filled with sorrow for the sake of my brother." 46.6

"To me it was evident that my brother had already been killed and I closed the entrance of the cave with a mountain like stone to prevent the buffalo from getting out of the cave." 46.7

"Then I came back to Kiṣkindha greatly disappointed and I got the great kingdom, Tara as well as Ruma and I ruled that kingdom fearlessly along with my friend." 46.8-46.9

"After killing that Buffalo Rākṣasa Vali came back, then I became greatly sacred and returned the kingdom with respect to him." 46.10

"That bad soul Vali who has lost control over his senses in great anger with an intention of killing me started chasing me and my ministers." 46.11

"Being chased by Vali I ran crossing forests, mountains and rivers and seeing many cities for saving my life." 46.12

"The earth which was like a speedily rotating peace of firewood burning at both ends became familiar to me as though it was reflected on a mirror and I came to know it like a cow's feet." 46.13

"I went to the eastern side and saw many different type of plants, mountains and rivers and very many pretty lakes." 46.14

"There I saw the Udaya mountain filled with mineral ores as well as the ocean of milk daily frequented by Apsarā maids." 46.15

"Oh lord, there also I was chased by Vali and at once I turned back and ran with great speed." 46.16

"Being further chased by Vali who was running with great speed, I turned there and started running to the south which was filled with the Vindhya mountains and other trees such as the pretty sandalwood trees." 46.17

"While I was running seeing the trees and mountains, on being further chased I turned and reached the western side." 46.18

"There I saw various countries and reached the great Astha mountain where the sun sets and from there I started running to the great mountains of the north." 46.19

"Then I saw in the north the Himalaya and Meru mountains as well as the northern sea and there also I did not get relief from Vali's chasing and at that time Hanuman who was blessed with great wisdom spoke to me." 46.20

"Oh king, he reminded me the fact that Vali was cursed by sage Mātanga that if he enters his hermitage site then his head will break in to hundred pieces and my living there can be done without any problems." 46.21-46.22

"Oh son of a king Rāma, then I reached the Riṣyamūka mountains and due to fear of the curse of Mātanga Vali did not enter here." 46.23

"Oh king this is how I personally surveyed the entire world and came back to this cave and resided here." 46.24

This is the end of Forty Sixth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.