Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 43

43. Sugrīva sends Monkey Chiefs to North

[Under the command of Sathavali, Sugrīva sends hundred thousand monkeys to search for Sītā on the Northern side. He again tells them about the path they have to take and the places they are likely to see.]

After Sugrīva, the bull among the monkeys entrusted the western side to his father in law, he said to a monkey called Sathavali. 43.1

Then the king who was the follower of Dharma and also the best among the monkeys spoke these words which were intended to his own welfare and that of Rāma's welfare. 43.2

"You have been selected from amongst one hundred thousand monkeys of equal capacity and please get going with the two sons of Sun God." 43.3

"You may search for the blameless wife of Rāma all over the northern side with Himalayas as its ear ring." 43.4

"When we complete this task which is dear to Rāma, we would get rid of our debt and would become proud of achieving our task." 43.5

"The great soul Rāma did an act which we liked and our life would be meaningful only when we help in return." 43.6

"A man's life becomes fruitful if he renders help to a needy person even though such a man was not helpful earlier. The result is all the more sublime if one can help a man who has helped him earlier." 43.7

"You who are interested in my welfare should search and find out Janaki, keeping the words told by me in your mind." 43.8

"This greatest among men showers respect on all beings and this Rāma who can himself conquer cities has taken a liking to us." 43.9

"You are blessed with the wisdom and valour and so please search for her in rivers, mountain ranges and in forest forts." 43.10

"You may search for her in the countries of Mlechas, Pulindas, Soorasenas, Prasthalas, Bhāratas, Madras, Kurus, Kambojas and even Yavanas, Sakas, Rattakas, Bahlikas, Rishikas, Pauravas, Tankanas, Cheenas, Paramacheenas, Niharas, Daradas and in the Himalaya mountains searching again and again to find her." 43.11-43.13

"Search for the place where Rāvaṇa and Sītā are there in the bushes of Lodhra and that of lotus plants and in the forests of Devadāru." 43.14

"Then go to the hermitage of Soma served by Devas and Gandharvas and then go to the great slopes of mountain called Kāla." 43.15

"In the caverns and caves of that great mountain, you may search for the great woman who is the wife of Rāghava." 43.16

"Cross that mountain king which is filled with gold and then it is proper for you to reach the great mountain Sudarśana." 43.17

"Then go to the mountain Devasakha which is a dwelling of birds which is decorated by various type of trees as well as various type of birds." 43.18

"In the bushes of the forest, in the mountain streams and caves of that mountain search for Rāvaṇa as well as Vaidehī." 43.19

"When you cross that, there is a vacant place of one hundred yojanas width, where there are no mountains trees, rivers or any beings." 43.20

"Cross quickly that fearsome and horripilating land reach the White Mountain called Kailāśa and attain happiness." 43.21

"There you would find the mansion of Kubera which resembles a big white cloud which is pretty and plated with gold constructed by Viśvakarma." 43.22

"There is a very big lotus pond there with several types of lotus flowers, swans and ducks and frequented by Apsarā maids." 43.23

"There lives the king called Vaiśravaṇa who is saluted by all beings and that rich king of Yakṣas plays along with Gruhyakas." 43.24

"In that moon like mountain and in its caves, search for Rāvaṇa as well as Vaidehī here and there." 43.25

"After reaching Krauncha mountain you would find that its entrance difficult to enter and you may enter it carefully taking in to account the fact it is difficult to enter." 43.26

"Great sages who are equal in lustre to the Sun live there all Devas worship those sages who have form equal to devas." 43.27

"You have to search in the caves of summits, peaks, caverns and ridges of Krauncha Mountains. After checking on the peak of Krauncha you may to search everywhere." 43.28

"The Mānasa lake and the Kama mountain are both without trees and is a place where birds live and there no living beings, Devas and Dhanavas do not have access there." 43.29

"After crossing the Maināka mountain you would reach the Krauṇcha mountain and all of you should search for Sītā there in plateaus and ridges of the mountain." 43.30

"On that mountain is the mansion of Maya which has been built by himself. Please search in plateaus, ridges and caves of Maināka Mountain where Kinnaras, the ladies with horse face live." 43.31-43.32

"Once you cross that mountain is the hermitage of Sidhas where the Sidha ascetics called Vālakhilyas and Vaikhasana ascetics live." 43.33

"After saluting those sages, who have become without sins by their penance, you ask them with great humility about information about Sītā." 43.34

"The Vaikasana lake at that hermitage is filled with golden lotus flowers which are as bright as the rising sun and also auspicious swans move round the lake." 43.35

"The steed of Kubera, an elephant called Sārvabhauma keeps on moving in that place along with female elephants." 43.36

"Once you cross the lake the Sun, moon and stars are not found there and clouds do not move and no sound is heard." 43.37

"That area shines like the rays of the Sun, but is due to self-lustre of resting ascetics who have perfected their austerities and are like Gods." 43.38

"After crossing that you would reach a mountain stream called Sailodha, on whose both banks are reeds called Kichaka [Bamboo] and they help the Sidhas to cross to the other shore." 43.39

"Then there is the northern Kuru country, where people who do meritorious deeds reach, where the water brims with beds of golden lotus and lotus groves and there plants with greenish blue leaves are in thousands which are adorned with blood red coloured lotus flowers." 43.40-43.41

"There the water reservoirs which have large number of blue lotus flowers which shine like the early morning sun, which have golden filaments and leaves shining gems and which covered the entire area and these were also filled with gems and pearls which are incomparable." 43.42-43.43

"There the mountain streams have banks made of gold around them, fo they have originated from great mountains made of gold and shining like fire and inlaid with great gems." 43.44

"There the trees are filled with flowers and fruits in all seasons. Birds rest on them. These fruits and flowers have excellent fragrance, taste and smooth touch. These trees fulfil all our desires. Other great trees provide barks of various types which are used for cloth." 43.45-43.46

"Some of these great trees yield ornaments studded with precious pearls and Vaidūrya gems. The ornaments are suitable both for men and women and can be used during all seasons. Other trees put forth precious and beautiful golden ornaments." 43.47-43.48

"Some of these beds produce different coloured bed spreads for sleeping and yet other yields garlands of flowers which please the heart and mind pleasing drinks and various types of food." 43.49

"Virtuous and good featured ladies, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Sidhas, Nagas, Vidyādharas, who are all radiant like Sun, always entertain themselves in this place." 43.50-43.51

"All those who have done good karmas who are all intent on pleasure from love making, live here fulfilling their Kama [Passion] and Artha with female companions." 43.52

"The sounds of music and musical instruments and laughter of heavenly beings of high breed is always being always heard there pleasing the mind of all beings." 43.53

"There are no unhappy people there nor are there any one who like doing bad deeds and mind pleasing virtues multiply there day by 43.54

"After crossing that place you would reach the northern sea and in the middle of it as a golden mountain called Somagiri." 43.55

"Only those who have gone to land of Indra or the land of Brahma and who attain the position of devas only can see the king of mountains clearly." 43.56

"That place shines even though there is no sun there; it shines as if sun is there because of that mountain." 43.57

"The soul of the universe the God Śambhu who has eleven forms resides there and so also Brahma, the lord of devas lives there along with Brāhma Ṛishis." 43.58

"Do not for any reason go beyond the land of Kurus because no other being is allowed to go there." 43.59

"It is extremely difficult for even devas to go there and so after seeing that place, you deserve immediately return." 43.60

"Oh monkey chief, monkeys can only go up to there, as there is no sun beyond that point and we do not know any being which can go beyond that point." 43.61

"Please explore all those places that have been mentioned by me and may consider exploring other places which have not been mentioned." 43.62

"Please do this search of the fire like Vaidehī and find her and this would be greatly liked by son of Dasaratha and this would also be liked by me." 43.63

"Oh monkeys who support all beings and vanquish all your enemies, please accomplish this goal and you will be honoured by me and later you can roam around the earth happily in the company of your loved relatives." 43.64

This is the end of Forty Third Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.