Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 42

42. Sugrīva sends Monkey Chiefs to West

[Sugrīva sends monkey chief under the command of Suṣeṇa, the father of Tara to search in the Western direction.]

Regarding the decision to send a monkey chief to the western side, Sugrīva spoke to Suṣeṇa who resembled a huge cloud. 42.1

Sugrīva went to Suṣeṇa who was the father of Tara and his father in law with folded hands in salutation and told. 42.2

He sent to the western direction the great monkey called Archishmantha, the son of a great sage called Mārīcha who is surrounded by blessed and brave monkeys, who had a lustre like Indra, who is wise and valorous, who has speed like Garuda and also Two monkeys called Archamalya, who were sons of sage Marīchi, who were very strong. 42.3-42.4

"Oh great monkeys along with two hundred thousand other monkeys and led by Suṣeṇa, please search for Vaidehī." 42.5

"Oh monkeys search for her in Saurashtra, Vahnika and Chandrachithra countries, which are extensive, populated by people, pretty and spacious and the interior of forests are filled with Punnaga, Vakula, Udhalaka trees and thickets of Ketaka." 42.6-42.7

"Oh, monkeys search for her in the best rivers in the west whose cool water flows westward, as well as in the forests of sages and on the mountains of those forests, and even in lands that are virtually waterless and on the highly towering mountains that are chilly. After searching such an difficult to enter western side encircled with enmeshed mountains, it would be proper for you to come and see Western Ocean. Having come to Western Ocean, you will see seawater disturbed by sharks and crocodiles." 42.8-42.10

"The monkeys should wander among bushes of Ketaka plants, thick Thamala forests and the forests of coconut trees." 42.11

"Sītā should be searched in houses of Rāvaṇa situated there, mountains and forests that are near the sea, Murachi city, the pretty Jata pura city, Avanthi and Angalepa, the forests of Alakshitha, in broad countries and in all other cities. 42.12-42.14

"Where the river Sindhu joins the sea there is big mountain called Hemagiri which has hundred peaks as well as gigantic trees." 42.15

"On the ridges of these mountains, the flying lions exist which carry the fishes, sharks, elephant seals to their nests." 42.16

"On the top of the mountain abutted by water, near the area occupied by the flying lions, the proud elephants move about greatly satisfied in a vast area trumpeting like thunderous clouds." 42.17

"The monkeys who can change their form at will should quickly search, that entire golden mountain whose peaks touch the sky." 42.18

"Oh monkeys when you go in to the sea, you will see the golden mountain in the sea called Paariyathra which is one hundred yojanas tall and which is difficult to see due to its glitter." 42.19

"Twenty four crores of mighty Gandharvas, who shine like fire, who are fierce and who can change their looks as per their wish live there." 42.20

"Even by greatly valorous monkeys they should not be approached closely because, they who resemble fire when they are angry throng together from everywhere." 42.21

"In that country no monkey should pluck any fruit because those unassailable, greatly valorous Gandharvas who are assiduous would be guarding the fruits and roots which are grown there." 42.22-42.23

"There you have to dutifully search for Janaki, for if you show your monkey antics, the Gandharvas would not be afraid of you." 42.24

"Oh, monkeys, there is a great mountain named Vajra in that sea beyond Paariyaatra. It will have a shine similar to the hue of the gemstone lapis, and it will be standing like a diamond in its shape, hence it has lot of diamonds. There that glorious mountain will be soaring high, squarely for a hundred yojanas, and diverse trees and climbers will be spreading over it. There, on that mountain you have to search thoroughly including its caves" 42.25-42.26

"In the quarter of the ocean there, there is a mountain called Chakravan, Where Viśvakarma has installed a wheel with one thousand spokes." 42.27

"There the supreme person Vishnu killed a Rākṣasa called Hayagrīva as well as one Panchajana and snatched away from them the conch and the wheel." 42.28

"On that pretty mountain there is a very large cave and in those places please search for Rāvaṇa as well as Sītā." 42.29

"After another sixty four yojanas, there is another very great mountain called Varaha with golden peaks and in a deep cavity there is the home of Varuna." 42.30

"Near there is the golden city of Prakjyothisha and in that city lives an evil minded asura called Naraka." 42.31

"On that delightful and pretty mountain Varaha there is a very broad cave and you please search for Rāvaṇa and Janaki there." 42.32

"Once you cross that, you would come across a mountain with gold deposits and the entire mountain is of gold and there are waterfalls there." 42.33

"There, lions, elephants and boars always roar facing the mountain and that mountain is full of this sound." 42.34

"There on this mountain the great Indra who killed demon Pāka rides on green horses was anointed as king by devas and this mountain is called Meghavan." 42.35

"After crossing that great mountain ruled by Indra you would reach sixty thousand golden mountains which shines and dazzles with the colour of the infant sun, having a fully flowered golden tree." 42.36- 42.37

"The king of the mountains Meru the northern mountain is situated in between them, which mountain has been given a boon by the well pleased Sun god." 42.38

It has been said that Sun God blessed it saying, "due to my grace all those who reside here would be golden in colour all through day and night and all those devas, Gandharvas and Dānavas who reside here would have golden tinged red colour." 42.39-42.40

"The Viswe devas, Maruts, Vāsus and other gods come to this holy Meru mountain in the evening sun set time to serve the Sun God. After they worship the Sun God, he goes to the Sun set mountain and is not visible to all beings." 42.41-42.42

"That sun God travels quickly ten thousand Yojanas within half of a minute and quickly reaches the sun set mountain." 42.43

"On that top of that mountain there are cluster of mansions shining like Sun and these mansions were built by Viśvakarma." 42.44

"The house of the great God Varuṇa who holds a noose shines with many trees, and very many types of animals and birds." 42.45

"In between Meru mountain and Astha mountain, there is a great golden palm tree with ten peaks and it shines with wonderful altars." 42.46

"In all those inaccessible mountains, lakes and rivers, you please search for Vaidehī and Rāvaṇa." 42.47

"And there lives the great Meru savarni, who is identifies as a sage and votary of Dharma and he is considered equal to Lord Brahma." 42.48

"You may ask that sage Meru Sāvarṇi after bowing to him with head touching the ground about the whereabouts of Maithili." 42.49

"This is the extent of the world where beings live and at night the Sun God will retire behind Astha mountains and then there would only be darkness." 42.50

"Oh Lord of monkeys, our monkeys can only go up to that place and as Sun's rays do not extend beyond this place we do not know anything about places beyond that." 42.51

"You please search for the places of stay of Vaidehī and Rāvaṇa up to the Astha mountain and return within a month." 42.52

"If you delay it more than a month you would be killed by me and along with you my valorous father in law also would go." 42.53

"You should obey him since I want you to carry out his orders, because he is not only a valorous and powerful monkey but also my father in law and teacher." 42.54

"Though all of you are greatly heroic and experts in doing all tasks, please accept his authority and face the western direction." 42.55

"We would become proud of our achievements when we find out the wife of that greatly lustrous one and help him in return for his help." 42.56

"You may carry out any other work also if it is meant for the well -being, after carefully reflecting and if the task is in accordance with time and place." 42.57

Then Suṣeṇa and other monkey lords after hearing the expert words of Sugrīva, they took leave from him and started travelling to the west ruled by Varuṇa." 42.58

This is the end of Forty Second Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.