Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 41

41. Sugrīva sends Monkey Chiefs to South

[Sugrīva sends to the south great monkeys like Hanuman, Jambhavan etc under the command of Angada. He gives detail description of the route as well as the places that they are likely to see.]

After the great Vanara army started towards the east as per orders of Sugrīva, he wanted to send a desirable army group towards the south. 41.1

Sugrīva, who had special sense, commanded; Nila [son of fire God], Hanuman [monkey], the strong Jambhavan [son of Lord Brahma], Suhothra, Sareeri, Saragulma, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavya, Sushenamrushabha, Maindha, Dwividha, Vijaya, Gandhamādana [sons of fire God], Ulkhamukha, and Asaga and the prominent Angada, who were all valorous and leaders of groups of monkeys and who were endowed with speed and valour and told them. 41.2-41.5

He made the strong Angadha to lead them and sent those monkey warriors to the southern direction. 41.6

Then the monkey king gave them all an account of the inaccessible places to those monkey chiefs. 41.7

"Search for her in the thousand peaked Vindhya full of trees and climbers, the pretty Narmadha river with many great serpents, the pretty river Godavari, the great river Krishnaveni, the Varada river, the Mahābhāga river which is full of great serpents the rivers Mekhala, Uthkhala, the towns of Dasranas Aswavanthi and Avantī." 41.8-41.10

"You may thoroughly search for her in Vidharbha country, even Rishika, the pretty Mahishaka and all over Vanga, Kalinga and Kaushika. Search for her in all rivers, mountains and caves in Dandakaranya, river Godavari, Andhra, Pundra, Chola country, Pandya country as well as in Kerala." 41.11-41.12

"Go to the Ayomukha mountain rich in its ores and having wonderful peaks and a rich forest full of colourful forests in bloom and that great mountain has a good sandalwood track, Search for her there." 41.13-41.14

"Then you will come across the divine river Cauvery with its pure and scared waters and in it you would see Apsarā maidens playing." 41.15

"Then you would see the great and noble sage Agastya who shines like Sun God sitting on the top of the Malaya mountain." 41.16

"Then with the permission of that great sage, who would be pleased with you, you have to cross the great river Tambraparni full of crocodiles." 41.17

"With divine sandalwood forests and several covered and wonderful islands, it goes towards the ocean like a wife happily goes to her husband." 41.18

"Oh monkeys, you would find a permanent divine golden gate of the Pandyas decorated by pearls there." 41.19

"Then you would reach the sea and have to take a decision on your future course there. Please know that sage Agastya has placed a prosperous Mahendra mountain inside the sea. That great Mahendra Mountain is great to look at, filled with colourful trees and Gold and is immersed in the sea." 41.20-41.21

"That mountain with different kinds of colourful trees and vines is frequented by devatās, sages and prominent Yakṣas, Sidhas, Apsarās and Chāraṇas. It is exceedingly delightful and the thousand- eyed Mahendra keeps visiting this place during full and new Moon days." 41.22-41.23

"On the other side at a distance of hundred yojanas and inaccessible to human beings there is a lustrous and great island and you may explore this also." 41.24

"In that place you have to specially search for Sītā, for that is the place of the punishable and bad soul Rāvaṇa, who is the chief of all Rākṣasas who is in radiance equal to the thousand eyed Indra." 41.25

"In the middle of the southern sea, there is Rākṣasī well known as Angaraka, who attracts the shadows and eats beings." 41.26

"By identifying this, you can clear all your doubts and you may look for the wife of the king of matchless lustre there." 41.27

"After crossing another one hundred yojanas in the auspicious sea you would find a mountain called Puspathaka inhabited by Sidhas and Chāraṇas." 41.28

"It is as bright as sun and moon and surrounded by sea waters and its peak extend up to the sky and appear like they are scratching the sky." 41.29

"The sun takes rest on its golden peak and the moon takes rest on the silver peak but mean people and atheists would not be able see it." 41.30-41.31

"Oh monkeys, you bow your head to this great mountain and cross it and after crossing it you would see a mountain called Suryavanam but is fourteen Yojanas away and it would be very difficult to cover that distance." 41.32

"When you cross that mountain you would come across a mountain called Vidhyutha and it is pretty in all seasons and it has trees yielding fruits which fulfil all our desires." 41.33

"Oh monkeys after eating those auspicious and divine fruits and roots and drinking that best of honey you can go further." 41.34

"There is a mountain called Kunjara there which is pleasing to the eyes and mind and on the top of it Viśvakarma has constructed a home for Agastya." 41.35

"That home of Agastya is one Yojana broad and ten yojanas in height and is made of hold with several types of gems inlaid on it." 41.36

"And there is a town called Bhogavatī where serpents have their homes, which is broad and very difficult to reach and is always protected by the sharp and greatly poisoned teeth of serpents and the great king of serpents Vāsuki lives there." 41.37-41.38

"Come out of that abode and search all over the city of Bhogavatī and also search all the possible secret places attached to that city. They are all well-guarded." 41.39

"Once you cross that place you would come across Riṣabha mountain which looks like a standing bull and it is rich and studded with different type of gems." 41.40

"There grows sandal trees of amazing colours grow by themselves in colours such as Gorochanā, Padmaka, greenish black and red as fire." 41.41

"Do not at any time touch those sandalwood trees because that forest is guarded by horrifying Gandharvas called Rohithas." 41.42

There reside five Gandharva kings named Sailusha, Graamani, Sigru, Subhra and Babhru who have the radiance like the Sun. It is a residence of meritorious people who glow like Sun, Moon and Fire. 41.43-41.44

"In that place people after death who have earned a place in heaven stay there and beyond that is the dreadful place of deceased ancestors. It is not possible to enter there." 41.45

"Beyond that place exists the capital of God of death which is filled with darkness and suffering, and you people, oh Lord of monkeys cannot go beyond that. There is no way for anyone to go beyond that." 41.46

"Search in all these places and also in other places and after finding the path of Vaidehī, you may return." 41.47

"He who returns within a month and tells me "I have seen Sītā", will get as much riches and pleasures like myself." 41.48

"No one would be dearer than him to me and I would deem him more than life and even if he does any mistakes, he would be dear and close to me." 41.49

"You are all extremely strong and all of you are thorough breds and so put in great efforts to find the king of man's daughter and let your pursuit be meritorious." 41.50

This is the end of Forty First Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.