Rāmāyana | Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 4

4. Rāma Meets Sugrīva

That happy Hanuman felt that he has done his duty, after hearing the sweet words and mentally thought about Sugrīva. 4.1

He thought that the fact of Sugrīva getting his kingdom would take place because this great man has come to this place for completing his work. 4.2

That great monkey Hanuman who was greatly happy replied to the words of Rāma who was an expert in speech. 4.3

"Why have you accompanied by your brother come to this horrifying forest surrounding Pampa, which is inaccessible, filled with snakes and beasts?" 4.4

Having heard those words, Lakṣmaṇa as urged by Rāma, told the story of the great soul Rāma who was the son of Daśaratha. 4.5

"There was a lustrous king called Daśaratha who liked Dharma and he not only followed his own Dharma but looked after the dharma of the four Varṇas." 4.6

"He never hated anyone and no one hated him and he was like Lord Brahma for all beings and he performed many fire sacrifices in fire and gave away many charities and liberal fees." 4.7

"His eldest son Rāma was greatly famous among people, who provided protection to all beings and respected the words of his father." 4.8

"Among the sons of Daśaratha he was valorous, blessed with good qualities, full of royal qualities and endowed with royal wealth and he was banished to the forest and is now residing with me." 4.9-4.10

" Sītā his greatly lustrous wife followed him to the forest in virtuous servitude, like the greatly lustrous Sun God following him up to the end of the day." 4.11

"I am his younger brother well known as Lakṣmaṇa who volunteered to serve that well versed man who is virtuous and learned thankfully." 4.12

"He merits pleasure and greatness and is interested in doing good to all beings, and now is without wealth and is depending on the life of the forest and his wife was abducted from a lonely place by a Rākṣasa who can assume any form that he likes and we do not know anything about that Rākṣasa who has abducted her." 4.13-4.14

Son of Dithi who was named as Dhanu became a Rākṣasa due to a curse and he told us that Sugrīva the great monkey is capable of solving our problem." 4.15

"After telling, "That greatly valorous one will know about him who abducted your wife". That Dhanu went to heaven happily." 4.16

"I have told answers to whatever you have asked and me and Rāma are going to Sugrīva to request his help." 4.17

"This Rāma gave away all his wealth and obtained great fame and that one who was the lord of earth earlier, now seeks the help of Lord Sugrīva." 4.18

"His father who was a lover of Dharma earlier used to offer protection to others and such a king's son Rāma is now seeking protection from Sugrīva." 4.19

"Previously this soul of Dharma was capable of providing protection to all those who seek his protection and such a respectable Rāma is seeking protection with Sugrīva." 4.20

"Previously all who need help used to seek his grace and that Rāma is seeking the grace of the king of monkeys." 4.21

"This Rāma blessed with all good characters is the eldest son of Daśaratha who was the king honoured by all the kings of the world is very famous in all the three worlds and that Rāma has come here seeking the protection of Sugrīva." 4.22-4.23

"The lord of monkeys Sugrīva should show grace to the grieving Rāma who is approaching him to solve his grief." 4.24

When the son of Sumitrā told like this with tear filled eyes, Hanuman who was an expert in speech replied him using these words. 4.25

"These type of very intelligent people who have conquered over their anger and who have won of their senses have luckily here but should have been approached by the king of monkeys himself." 4.26

"He has banished from his kingdom by Vali due to enmity between them and is greatly offended with his brother who has abducted his wife." 4.27

"Being a youth and son of sun God, Sugrīva would extend help to you along with us in the search for Sītā." 4.28

Hanuman after saying like this in a gentle and sweet manner told Rāma, "Let us go and meet Sugrīva." 4.29

After Hanuman who was a soul of Dharma spoke like this, Lakṣmaṇa worshipped him as per rules and then told Rāma. 4.30

"That monkey who is the son of wind God appears pleased and from his words, it appears that he is a man of action and so you have achieved your objective, Rāma." 4.31

"With a pleasant face he is talking with happiness and it looks to me that Hanuman the son of wind God will not tell a lie." 4.32

Then that great Hanuman, the son of wind god led both the very valorous Rāghava to meet the king of the monkeys. 4.33

He changed his form of mendicant to his normal form of monkey and that elephant like monkey carrying those valorous men on his back, proceeded further." 4, 33

That very famous valorous monkey, who was the son of wind god felt happy in doing his job properly travelled to the great mountain along with an auspicious mind as well as Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. 4.35

This is the end of Fourth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.