Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 39

39. Monkey Chiefs Meet Sugrīva and Rāma

[Monkey chiefs and the huge number of soldiers arrive in Kiṣkindha. Sugrīva requests them to strike tent and become comfortable. Rāma is pleased.]

After Sugrīva spoke this way, Rāma who was the foremost follower of Dharma, hugged him, saluted him and told him the following. 39.1

"Oh pain giver to your enemies, Oh gentle one Similar to Indra causing rain, to the sun with thousand rays brightens the earth and removes darkness and to the moon who makes the earth pure by his luminosity, it is natural for you to help your friends." 39.2-39.3

"Oh gentle Sugrīva, it is not at all surprising to see you do this auspicious deed as I know you always talk in the pleasant manner." 39.4

"Oh Friend, with your help I would win over all my enemies in war and you being a good hearted friend, you only should help me." 39.5

"That base Rākṣasa has taken away Vaidehī, inviting his own destruction like just like Pulomā [Indra's wife and daughter of Pulomā] was taken away by Anuhladha [Prahlāda’s brother] after deceiving Indra." 39.6

"Within a short time I will kill Rāvaṇa with sharp arrows, like the father of Pulomā was killed by Indra in war." 39.7

In the mean while the rays of sun increased the heat of the earth and dust started raising in the sky. 39.8

That dust which rose up and spread in all directions and all the directions were masked and the earth including mountains, gardens and forests started shaking. 39.9

The entire land was filled by innumerable numbers of powerful monkeys of mountain size having sharp fangs in a minute. The monkey leaders with a hundred crore attendants who can assume any form at their will came; very strong monkeys from the mountains, rivers and seas monkeys thundering like clouds; and other free monkeys who were wanderers came; monkeys in red colour like the rising Sun, tawny coloured ones like the Moon came; some who were of the colour of white lotus filaments and some monkeys residing in mountain Meru also came there. 39.10-39.13

The valorous monkey called Sathavali accompanied by ten thousand crores prosperous warriors arrived there. 39.14

The valorous father of Tara who looked like a golden mountain came with several ten thousand crores of monkeys following him. 39.15

Then the wise and mighty father of Ruma, the father in law of Sugrīva came with another thousand crores of monkeys accompanying him. 39.16

The wise and prosperous Keśarī, the father of hanuman, who was the colour of lotus filaments, who looked like the early morning sun and who was the best and foremost among all monkeys accompanied by many thousands of monkeys made his appearance there. 39.17-39.18

The valorous king of apes Gavaksha with thousand crores monkeys also came there. 39.19

The destroyer of enemies Dhūmra, the king of bears came there with two thousand crore bears who can move very fast. 39.20

Panasa the troop leader who had a horrifying look of a mountain came along with three crores of warriors. 39.21

A troop leader called Nila who was like a blue black mountain and who had a huge body came accompanied by ten crores of monkeys. 39.22

Then came another troop leader called Gavaya who looked like a golden mountain surrounded by five crores of monkeys. 39.23

Then came Darimukha leader of troops with thousand crores of monkeys and came near Sugrīva and stood near him. 39.24

The very strong Mainda and Dvividha who are the sons of Aśvinī Puthras came with thousand crore crores of monkeys. 39.25

The valorous and strong and greatly lustrous Gaja surrounded by three crores of monkeys came and stood before Sugrīva. 39.26

The king of bears and greatly lustrous Jambhavan came with ten crore bears and put them under control of Sugrīva. 39.27

A king of monkeys, the victorious and strong Rumavan surrounded by one hundred crores of monkeys swiftly came and assembled there. 39.28

A monkey called Gandhamādana hundred and thousand and thousand crores of monkeys following him reached there. 39.29

Then the Yuvarāja Angada who was equal in prowess to his father came with thousand trillion and also ten trillion monkeys surrounding him. 39.30

Then the greatly valorous Tara [brother of Ruma's father] who shined like a star was seen at a distance accompanied by five crore of monkeys. 39.31

Then the blessed monkey called Indrajanu who was a troop leader of monkeys came with eleven crores of monkeys. 39.32

Then Rambha who was shining like the just rising sun came surrounded with hundred thousand ayatha of army. 39.33

Then a valorous monkey called Yudhapathi who was a strong troop leader appeared with two crores of monkeys. 39.34

Then came Hanuman with very valorous one thousand crore warriors who looked like peaks of Kailāśa mountain. 39.35

Then came the very valorous Nala surrounded by with hundred crores plus thousand hundred tree dwelling monkeys. 39.36

Then came the prosperous and great Dadimukha who was liked by Sugrīva very much followed by ten crores of monkeys. 39.37

Sarabha, Kumuda, Vahni and Ramhi and many other monkey troops who can assume any form at their will and others spread all over the land, mountains and forest advanced towards Sugrīva. All the outstanding monkeys of the earth came and covered the land. 39.38-39.39

Those monkeys came leaping, jumping and roaring like clouds and approached Sugrīva. 39.40

Those monkey leaders were happy, very strong and making many kind of noises, they bowed their head to Sugrīva in reverence. 39.41

Then the monkey greats reached near Sugrīva in groups and saluted him in a proper manner. 39.42

Then at once Sugrīva the follower of Dharma presented all those bull like monkey leaders and saluting him told to the monkeys as follows. 39.43

"You please make yourselves comfortable by side of swift mountain streams and forests and after lodging yourself there Rāma, who wants to know your strength would see and inspect you all. 39.44

This is the end of Thirty Ninth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.