Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 38

38. Sugrīva Meets Rāma

[Sugrīva along with Lakṣmaṇa goes and meets Rāma who is very pleased to see the huge army of monkeys.]

After receiving all the gifts brought by them and after pleasing all monkeys Sugrīva permitted them to go. 38.1

After sending back the monkeys heroes who have done their work, he wanted to do some meaningful work to Rāma. 38.2

That Lakṣmaṇa of great strength, made Sugrīva the foremost among monkeys happy and told these humble words to him, "If it pleases you, let us go out of Kiṣkindha [to meet Rāma]." 38.3

Hearing those well spoken words of Lakṣmaṇa, Sugrīva was greatly pleased and told," As you please, we would go as I would obey your command." 38.4-38.5

After saying these words to the auspicious looking Lakṣmaṇa, he sent back all monkey women including Tara." 38.6

Then Sugrīva in a loud voice shouted, "come here" and hearing his words the monkeys came in speedily and stood there in salutation as they were permitted to see the lady folk of the palace." 38.7

Then that king who had similar lustre like the Sun told, "Immediately bring my palanquin and position it." 38.8

As soon as the valorous monkeys heard these words, they immediately set up the good looking palanquin before him. 38.9

That king of the monkeys seeing that the palanquin was set up addressed the son of Sumithra and said, "Please get in to the Palanquin quickly." 38.10

Saying this that Sugrīva who was similar to Sun in lustre ascended that golden palanquin with Lakṣmaṇa and it was carried by very strong monkeys. 38.11

The incomparable Sugrīva having attained the royal prosperity was greeted by the monkeys and a white umbrella was held over his head, fans made of yak tails were used to fan him and with the heralding sound of drums and conches set out from there." 38.12-38.13

Then accompanied by hundreds of monkeys armed with sharp weapons, he started going to the place where Rāma was there. 38.14

Having reached the place where the great Rāma was residing, Sugrīva descended from the palanquin with great lustre along with Lakṣmaṇa. 38.15

He then approached Rāma and stood before him in salutation and when he was standing in salutation, the other monkeys also entered there. 38.16

Rāma seeing the monkey army who were standing like Lotus buds in a pond was greatly pleased. 38.17

When the Lord of monkeys saluted Rāma with his head touching Rāma's feet, Rāma lifted him up and embraced him with love and great regard. 38.18

After embracing him that soul of Dharma asked him to take his seat and when he saw him sitting on the earth, he told him. 38.19

"Oh valorous one, Oh great and good monkey, he who apportions Dharma, Artha and Kama properly according to time deserves to be the king." 38.20

"The one who gives up Dharma and Artha and attends to only on Kama [passion] is like a man sleeping on the tree and would realize it only when he falls down." 38.21

"That king who kills his enemies and looks after his friends would get results of Dharma, Artha and Kama by the Dharma that he practices." 38.22

"Oh destroyer of enemies, the time to do the job has already come and so you may think over about it with your ministers and other monkeys." 38.23

When Sugrīva heard these words of Rāma, he told, “Oh, great armed one, the wealth, fame and stable monkey kingdom which was lost me was redeemed by your grace" 38.24-38.25

"Oh Lord, oh greatest among the victorious, that one who accomplishes things by you and your brother's help, if he does not return it is despicable." 38.26

"Oh killer of enemies, hundreds of strong monkey chieftains have collected all the monkeys of the earth and they are all here." 38.27

"Oh Rāghava, The fierce looking and valiant bears and apes are well aware of the inaccessible forest fortresses have been brought and those monkeys who are the sons of Devas and Gandharvas can assume any form that they like and all of them are coming surrounded by their armies." 38.28-38.29

"Oh destroyer of enemies! The monkeys in hundred thousand crores [Lakhs], crores, Ayutas [ten crores] Sanku, Arbuda, hundred Arbudas, Madhyas, Antyas, Samudras and Paradhya are expected to come.['one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, one lakh, prayutam'ten lakhs or a million, then a crore and then an arbuda ten-crore or a billion, and then ten arbuda-s makes one bRinda and ten brinda-s make one kharva and ten kharva-s make one nikharva and ten nikharva-s make one mahaa padma and ten mahaa padma-s make one shanku'one lakh crores or a trillion, and ten shanku-s make one samudra and then ten samudra-s make one antya and ten antya-s make a madhya and ten madhya make one paradhya] O king, they are equal to lord Indra in valour and appear like mountains Meru and Mandāra and residents of Vindhya and Meru mountains." 38.30-38.32

"These monkeys who are capable of killing Rākṣasa Rāvaṇa along with his family and bring back Sītā would be coming soon here." 38.33

That Intelligent Rāma who was the son of the king of earth, after reviewing the progress achieved in his work as per the instruction of the Lord of the monkeys became extremely happy and looked like a full opened blue lotus flower. 38.34

This is the end of Thirty Eighth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.