Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 37

37. Monkey Warriors Arrival

[As per Sugrīva's instruction, large number of monkey lords were sent all over the world to summon monkeys to help Rāma. Most of them start arriving in Kiṣkindha being scared.]

When Sugrīva was addressed this way by Lakṣmaṇa, Sugrīva told Hanuman the minister who was standing nearby. 37.1

"Please send word to the monkeys available on the summits of these five mountains, namely, Mahendra, Himalaya, Vindhya, and Kailāśa and those that are on the white peak of Mandāra, as well as those that are on the mountains at seashore, udaya adri, namely 'sunrise-mountain,' which mountains will always be dazzling with the light of youthful sun, and to them that are on the mountains which shine in the purple colour of evening clouds, asta adri, namely 'sunset-mountain' and which mountains are situated at the Palace of Sun. And the catastrophic monkey chiefs that are abiding in the palm groves of Padma and also to the monkeys who are similar to black-mascara and black-clouds in their shine, and who match elephants in their vigour, and who live on Anjana, they too are to be called over here Those monkeys whose complexion will be golden and dwell in the caves of Great-Mountain, besides those who are on the mountainsides of Meru, and those living on the Black- Red mountain, along with those topmost speeded monkeys living on the Great-Ochre mountain who would be swilling palm-toddy, these are to be summoned. Further, the monkeys who will be in the tinge of rising sun and who dwell in the highly delightful, richly fragrant and lofty woodlands that are surrounded with the delightful hermitages of sages are to be summoned. Along with them, the monkeys who are in the interiors of forests, they are also to be called for. Why only these few? All those monkeys that are on the earth, all of them are to be assembled. Oh, Hanuman, you quickly summon all of the topmost speeded monkeys by employing concessions, conciliations and other similar procedures." 37.2-37.9

"Also those swift messengers who have been sent earlier are to be hastened up by you by sending other monkeys to contact them." 37.10

"As per command you also collect those monkeys who are engaged in affairs of passion and also those who act slowly." 37.11

"Those bad monkeys who disobey my order and do not come back within ten days are to be killed, due to their breaking the order of the king." 37.12

"These hundreds of thousands of crores of monkeys similar to lion, who are obedient to my orders are to be sent to different directions." 37.13

"The best among monkeys, who are similar to cloud and mountains, will go because of my command all over the sky." 37.14

"Let all the monkeys of the world, be located and their movements studied and be brought here as per command." 37.15

As soon as Hanuman the son of wind God heard these words of the king, he sent word to all directions, for all the advancing monkeys. 37.16

In a split-second, the monkeys that were sent by the king of monkeys jumped in to sky, to the airways of birds and stars on their way, and indeed reached the vault of heaven, which was once trodden by Vishnu. 37.17

Those monkeys drove all the monkeys towards seas, mountains, forests and tanks in order to serve the cause of Rāma." 37.18

Hearing the death like order of their great king Sugrīva, they all came at once scared of Sugrīva's order. 37.19

Then from the mountains three crores swift moving monkeys who were black like collyrium came out to meet Rāghava. 37.20

Ten crore monkeys residing on the mountain, where the sun sets, who were shining like molten gold, came out. 37.21

One thousand crores of them who were of the colour of the mane of the lion came from the top of Kailāśa mountain. 37.22

Thousand- thousand crores of monkeys living on fruits and roots came from Himalayas. 37.23

One crore of monkeys living on Vindhya mountains who were huge, did great deeds and who were like fire came very swiftly. 37.24

Innumerable monkey residents of the Tamāla forest on the banks of the ocean of milk which fed in the coconut grove also came. 37.25

The swift moving monkeys army from, forests, caves, river banks came blocking the sun and it looked like they were drinking the sun. 37.26

Those monkeys who were sent earlier to hasten up other monkeys reached the Haimavatī mountain and saw there, great trees. 37.27

On this blessed and pretty mountain one divine and mind bewitching Yagna dedicated to Lord Shiva which made the minds of all devas happy was conducted earlier. 37.28

The monkeys found that the fruits of trees and roots produced from the scattering of the offerings during the Yagna were tasting like nectar. 37.29

Those pretty fruits and roots grown out of the scattering of offerings during the Yagna, satisfied the one who eats them for a month. 37.30

Those fruit eating monkey leaders collected those divine fruits and roots as well as the divine medicines which were growing there. 37.31

From that sacrificial altar the monkeys collected sweet smelling flowers, so that they can please Sugrīva. 37.32

All those chosen monkeys for guiding all the monkey herds of the world, proceeded swiftly in front of them. 37.33

In a short while those monkey herds who have earlier gone to bring other monkeys reached Kiṣkindha by moving very swiftly and met Sugrīva. 37.34

Those monkeys who had collected several medicinal herbs, fruits and roots offered them to Sugrīva as gift and spoke the following words. 37.35

"We have covered all the oceans, mountains, forests in the entire earth and as per the order the monkeys from there, would be coming here very soon." 37.36

Then the king of monkeys Sugrīva, hearing this became very happy and accepted all the gifts that were brought to him. 37.37

This is the end of Thirty Seventh Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.