Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 36

36. Sugrīva's Admission of Mistake

[Seeing that Lakṣmaṇa is pacified by Tara, Sugrīva talks with Lakṣmaṇa. He tells him that he is sorry and promises that he will do everything that is needed. Lakṣmaṇa requests Sugrīva to come with him to console Rāma.]

Hearing these courteous words of Tara, which were according to dharma, the son of Sumitrā who has a gentle nature accepted her words. 36.1

As soon as her words were accepted, the king of the monkey groups cast off his great fear like one casts off the wet cloth. 36.2

Then Sugrīva, the lord of monkeys broke off the very colourful, fresh and fragrant garland that he was wearing on his neck and got rid of his drunken stupor. 36.3

The Lord of all monkeys spoke these polite and pleasing words to the very strong Lakṣmaṇa. 36.4

"Oh son of Sumitrā, It is only by the grace of Rāma that I got back my wealth, fame and the stable kingdom of monkeys." 36.5

"Oh destroyer of enemies, Lakṣmaṇa, Rāma is famous for his god like deeds and to a person of that great valour, who can afford to repay?" 36.6

"That Rāghava by his own valour can reach Sītā and also can kill Rāvaṇa and I can only provide assistance." 36.7

"What type of help can be provided to him who has pierced with one arrow the seven Sāla trees, earth and mountain ?" 36.8

"By the sound of the twang of his bow, Oh Lakṣmaṇa, mountains and earth tremble and what type of help can I provide him." 36.9

"Oh bull among men, when that king among men goes to kill Rāvaṇa along with his armies and relations, I can only walk behind him." 36.10

"If I have committed an excess due to love and faith that I have in him, he should pardon me like a servant, for who in this earth does not do mistakes." 36.11

When the great soul Sugrīva spoke like this, Lakṣmaṇa felt happy and with love and affection he told. 36.12

"Oh king of monkeys, my brother always is with a protector and if you are his courteous protector it would be really great." 36.13

"Oh Sugrīva, by your power, purity, straightforward nature you deserve the kingdom of monkeys and so enjoy it." 36.14

"The famous Rāma with your help Sugrīva, will shortly kill all his enemies and there is no doubt about it." 36.15

"Oh Sugrīva your words are very true and suitable because you are a votary of dharma, a grateful one, and one who never retreats in a battle." 36.16

"Oh best among monkeys, except for you and my brother who can speak like this about one's defects knowing well about his merits?" 36.17

"You are equal to Rāma in your strength and valour and Oh great monkey, only by the decree of fate you have come to help us." 36.18

"Oh valorous one, without any delay start with me so that we can together console Rāma who is grieving because of the abduction of his wife." 36.19

"After hearing the words of Rāma laden with sorrow, I spoke to you those harsh words and so please excuse me." 36.20

This is the end of Thirty Sixth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.