Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 34

34. Lakṣmaṇa Shouts at Sugrīva

[Lakṣmaṇa Is upset by the bad behaviour of Sugrīva, He shouts at him and also threatens him.]

Seeing Lakṣmaṇa that bull of men who cannot be stopped entering with great anger, Sugrīva was greatly disturbed in his sense organs. 34.1

Seeing that angry son of Daśaratha who was taking deep breath, who was shining with lustre and who was burning with anger at the sorrow of his brother, that monkey chief got up from his golden seat which was like the decorated flag of great Indra and stood up. 34.2-34.3

When Sugrīva jumped up and moved forward, Ruma and other ladies followed him, like all the stars following the moon. 34.4

That prosperous red eyed one saluted Lakṣmaṇa and started shivering and became like the great Kalpa tree. 34.5

Seeing Sugrīva along with Ruma and occupying a place in the middle of ladies, like the moon being in the middle of stars, Lakṣmaṇa got enraged and told. 34.6

"Only a strong king of good heritage, who is compassionate, who can control his senses and who is grateful and truthful can excel in this world." 34.7

"What could be more malicious than that king who does not follow Dharma who makes false promises to his friends?" 34.8

"If a person promises one horse and does not give it, he gets the sin of killing hundred manes and if he promises a cow and does not give it, he gets the sin of killing one thousand manes and if he promises to help a person and does not it, he gets the sin of committing suicide and killing all his relations."34.9

"Oh lord of monkeys, among all beings, a person who is helped by another as per promise and does not help that friend in return is ungrateful and he deserves to be killed." 34.10

"Oh monkey, you might be knowing that after seeing an ungrateful person, an outraged Brahman sang this verse." 34.11

"To the one who kills a Brahmin or one who drinks liquor or to the thief or to one who breaks a ritual vow there is atonement but not to the ungrateful person." 34.12

"Oh monkey, you are, not a gentleman but an ungrateful person and a liar because you who were indebted to Rāma has not done anything in return." 34.13

"Oh monkey, if you are indeed grateful to Rāma, you should have done search for Sītā and at least now you should take it up." 34.14

"Due to your interest in activities of passion, you have falsified your promise and unfortunately Rāma could not identify you who is a snake croaking like a frog." 34.15

"That great soul Rāma has shown mercy on you who is a sinner and a bad soul, the kingdom of Monkeys." 34.16

"If presently you do not recognize the help rendered by Rāma who can accomplish any task easily would make you see Vali, using his very sharp arrows." 34.17

"The path went by Vali after his death is not a narrow one and so please stand by the agreement with Rāma, if you do not want to follow Vali." 34.18

"You have not faced the arrows released from the bow of that son of Ikshvāku race, which are like thunderbolts and that is why you are resorting to enjoyment of pleasures without bothering about doing the job of Rāma." 34.19

This is the end of Thirty Fourth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.