Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 33

33. Tara Pacifies Lakṣmaṇa

[Being scared Sugrīva sends Tara to pacify Lakṣmaṇa. She tells Lakṣmaṇa that the mistake has been done but she also tells him that monkeys from all over the world have started arriving. She takes Lakṣmaṇa inside the king's private chamber.]

Then Angada invited Lakṣmaṇa, the slayer of enemies and he entered the pretty cave of Kiṣkindha as per the orders of Rāma. 33.1

Then the strong and huge bodied monkeys standing at the gate seeing Lakṣmaṇa who was coming in stood with hands saluting him. 33.2

Seeing him who was the son of the king Daśaratha, very angry and taking deep breaths entering inside, they were scared and did not stand surrounding him. 33.3

The glorious Lakṣmaṇa saw the great cave decorated by precious gems, having flowering gardens and with many objects studded with gems. 33.4

With mansions and multi storey buildings and shining with the studded gems, with trees bearing all types of fruits, and with blossomed flowers, the cave was shining. 33.5

Those monkeys there, were the sons of Devas and Gandharvas and could change their form according to their wish, were good to look at, were shining with divine garlands. 33.6

With a sweet smell of Sandal, Agaru and lotus pastes it was having a divine scent and with smell of liquor prepared the paths were highly exhilarated. 33.7

He saw there, big multi storey houses resembling Vindhya and Meru Mountain and also saw Mountain Rivers with pure water. 33.8

On the royal avenue, Lakṣmaṇa saw the pretty home of Angada and the greet homes of monkey lords Mainda, Dvividha, Gavaya, Gavaksha, Gaja, Sharabha, Vidhyunamali, Sampathi, Sooryaksha, Hanuman, Vīravāhu, Subāhu, Nala, the great Kumudha, Sushena, Thara, Jambhavan, Dadhivakthra, neela, Paṭala and Sunethra. 33.9-33.12

They shined like silver clouds and had flower garlands and scents and also had wealth and grains and also gem like shining ladies. 33.13

The pretty inaccessible palace of the king of monkeys was surrounded by a white mountain and was looking like the palace of the great Indra and the tall building was like a peak in Kailāśa mountain, It had all the desired fruits and shining trees in bloom which were given by Indra and shined like blue rich clouds which yielded divine fruits and provided cool shade. Excellent garlands were strung round the palace and huge monkeys wielding weapons were screening its gateways, while its main archway cast in refined golden was looking great And the very bold Lakṣmaṇa without opposition entered such a fascinating palace of Sugrīva, similar to the sun entering a colossal cloud. 33.14-33.18

Lakṣmaṇa passed through seven courtyards which were provided with seats for relaxation and then he saw the great secret private apartments of Sugrīva. , in which several golden cots as well as blessed chairs were provided and here and there he saw that very luxurious upholstery were provided. 33.19-33.20

As soon as he entered there he heard very sweet notes which was accompanied by music of stringed instruments, drums and lyrics with poetic words. 33.21

That strong one, saw in the home of Sugrīva, young ladies with different type of features who were proud of themselves. 33.22

Lakṣmaṇa saw there, ladies of great birth, engrossed in making garlands with flowers as well as flower tassels and who were wearing very valuable ornaments. None of them seemed to be not satisfied or not greatly strained and were dressed exceedingly well and even the attendants of Sugrīva looked good. 33.23-33.24

The gentle son of Sumitrā felt embarrassed on hearing the sound of silver anklets and golden cincture. 33.25

That Lakṣmaṇa on hearing the sound of golden ornaments of the lady monkeys was hurt and highly provoked in anger twanged his bow and this sound filled all directions. 33.26

That Lakṣmaṇa of sterling character, great strength was hurt by that sound when he compared to the lonely Rāma who had only sorrow for company. 33.27

The king of monkeys Sugrīva hearing the twang sound of his bow was startled up from his seat of luxury as he knew that Lakṣmaṇa has arrived. 33.28

"Like Angada informed me earlier, it is clear that the son of Sumitrā who loves his brother has very much arrived." 33.29

The intelligent monkey thought that as told by Angada earlier and also by the twang sound of the bow, Lakṣmaṇa has come and then his face become dried up. 33.30

With a worried and bewildered mind that king of monkeys Sugrīva told the following words of advantage to the good looking Tara in a deliberate voice. 33.31

"What is the reason of grudge to this brother of Rāma who talks in a soft way and why has he reached here with so much disdain?" 33.32

"Oh Tara without any blemish, what do you think is the reason for the anger of this lad as that best of men will not get angry without any cause?" 33.33

"If you consider that we have done even a little thing which he did not like you determine with your quick wittedness and inform me immediately." 33.34

"Otherwise oh pretty lady, you yourself see him personally and with words which are soft and conciliatory please him." 33.35

"That pure one on seeing you will not show his anger as for great people do not exhibit their anger before ladies." 33.36

"If you go near and talk to him conciliatory words, he would be greatly pacified and then only I would be able to see the lotus eyed one who is a slayer of his enemies." 33.37

That Tara, who was tipsy eyed due to exuberance, who was with golden waist belt hanging down, who has exquisite features, with a body bent like stick went in to the presence of Lakṣmaṇa with a very shaking gait. 33.38

That great one observed her who was the wife of the king of monkeys without any emotion and that son of the king bent his face down backed down his anger due to his being near a lady. 33.39

She who did not have any shyness due to her being drunk, pleased the son of a king by her look and then Tara who was an expert in love told these great words which were conciliatory. 33.40

"Oh son of the king of human beings, what is the reason for your anger? Who is not obeying your order? And who is that person who is like a dried wood and inviting the forest fire of your anger?" 33.41

Having heard the words of Tara spoken pleasant and friendly manner without any hesitation, Lakṣmaṇa spoke. 33.42

"Oh Lady, your husband has made passion as his habit and is not following Dharma and Artha and though you are supposed to know his mind, do you not know about this?" 33.43

"Oh Tara, he does not think about the kingdom nor about us who are sorrowing but he is engaged only with drinking along with his ministers." 33.44

"That lord of monkeys having promised to take action after four months, has wasted his time in drinks and strolling and does not realize that the time has been exceeded." 33.45

"To those who follow Dharma and Artha drinking is not recommended for by drinking, wealth, dharma and desire would get reduced." 33.46

"Not rendering help in return to those who have extended great help causes violation of Dharma and loss of good friend leads to loss of wealth and destruction." 33.47

"Sugrīva has forsaken two friends who are votaries of truth and observers of Dharma and excel in the properties of Artha and so Dharma does not observe Dharma." 33.48

"Oh expert in principle of jobs, our job has now come to a standstill and therefore our job is unfinished and you may please tell us what to do in this situation." 33.49

Tara listening to those words which were according to principles of Dharma and Artha and had the property of sweetness, spoke decisively and faithfully about the job pertaining to the king of men, Rāma. 33.50

"Oh Son of a king, do not get angry for it is not proper to get angry on your own people. On people who desire to do your work, oh valorous one, you should not find mistake." 33.51

"Oh young lad, how come this anger in you who is endowed with all virtues, that too, on a person who is weak? How can you who are good and a source of great penance fall in the grips of anger? 33.52

"I know about the great anger of the friend of the monkey lord. I know about the time limit set for taking up the job. I know about the fact that the job has not been done and I also know the task that remains to be done." 33.53

"Oh great man, I know about the strength of the passion born out of body. I know about the lack of interest of Sugrīva about the job that is bound to be done." 33.54

"Since your mind is caught up with anger, you do not think about matters of passion but one who is under the influence of passion does not bother about time and place and does not bother about Dharma." 33.55

"oh destroyer of enemies, please pardon your brother who is the lord of the monkey clan who being near me, is in love with me and makes shamelessly passionate advances towards me." 33.56

"Sages who love Dharma and penance closely follow the course of their desire fulfilment when entangled in lust but Sugrīva is an impulsive monkey and a king also and how can he avoid being entangled in passionate activities." 33.57

After saying these very meaningful words that lady monkey who has fluttering eyes due to passion started speaking to the matchless Lakṣmaṇa, words which would be beneficial to her playful husband. 33.58

"Oh best among men, though he is imprisoned by passion that Sugrīva has started making efforts long back to achieve your objective." 33.59

"Very valorous monkeys, who can assume any form they like in hundreds, thousands and crores who are residing in different mountains have already arrived." 33.60

"Oh long armed Lakṣmaṇa, I know that you are trying to protect your character but you can come inside the palace since it is not a sin to see the wife of a friend with friendly feeling." 33.61

The valorous hero and the killer of enemies quickly entered the private apartments of the king as per the words of Tara and in view of urgency of the situation. 33.62

Then Lakṣmaṇa saw famous Sugrīva seated on a golden throne, decorated all round with cushions, decorated with ornaments of different colours which was pretty in appearance, adorned with beautiful garlands and clothes. He was surrounded by women adorned with most fascinating ornaments and garlands. Bewildered at the sight Lakṣmaṇa's eyes turned red in anger. He appeared like Yama the lord of death. 33.63-33.65

Sugrīva whose complexion was like that of rich gold was seated on an blessed seat tightly embracing his wife Ruma, and that brave one has seen Lakṣmaṇa whose heroism is never-varying and, that suspiciously wide-eyed Sugrīva made sheep eyes at the furiously broad-eyed Lakṣmaṇa. 33.66

This is the end of Thirty Third Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.