Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 32

32. Hanuman Advices Sugrīva

[When Sugrīva says that he does not understand why Lakṣmaṇa is angry, Hanuman tells him that he has not noticed the arrival of autumn and did not take action to fulfil requirement of Rāma. He tells him to go before Rāma with a bowed head.]

After hearing the words of Angada, the self-respecting Sugrīva along with his ministers, hearing that Lakṣmaṇa was angry, left his seat. 32.1

Sugrīva who was expert and diligent in strategies, after determining the pros and cons spoke the following to his ministers who were experts in state craft. 32.2

"I have not spoken a wrong word nor have I done a wrong act and I am thinking why Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa should get angry with me." 32.3

"Some unkind and unfriendly people, who are always searching for my weakness might have told brother of Rāma about my mistakes which are lies." 32.4

"In this case all of you should find out as per your reasoning meticulously the reason about this opinion of Lakṣmaṇa along with steady reason for that." 32.5

"I do not have any special fear either towards Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, but because a friend is agitated, I too am agitated." 32.6

"It is easy to earn a friend but difficult to maintain friendship as the mind has temporary likes and dislikes which will break the stable friendship." 32.7

"Because of this I fear the great soul Rāma because I could not extend a help to him for the help done by him." 32.8

When Sugrīva told this, Hanuman the great monkey lord who was in the middle of monkey ministers told these words according to his logic. 32.9

"Oh king of the groups of monkeys, forgetting the friendly help done to you is indeed surprising." 32.10

"The greatly valorous Rāma pushing aside his fear, for the sake of your friendship killed Vali who is as valorous as Indra." 32.11

"Without any doubt Rāma is angry with you due to his friendship with you and only for that reason he has sent Lakṣmaṇa, who is the giver of prosperity." 32.12

"Though you are expert in knowing time, you were not alert enough to notice the lush green season and blooming of Sapthachadha flowers, heralding the onset of autumn." 32.13

"With the disappearance of clouds the planets and stars are clearly visible and the rivers, tanks and different directions are also looking pleasant." 32.14

"Oh king of monkeys, though the proper time for war efforts have come, you had not noticed it as you have been intoxicated and it is sure Lakṣmaṇa has come here because of that." 32.15

"You should endure the harsh words of the great Rāghava as he is anguished because his wife has been stolen and he has magnanimously helped you by giving the kingdom." 32.16

"Having committed a mistake I do not find any other alternative except by saluting him with folded hands and requesting his excuse." 32.17

"The ministers who have been chosen should give good advice to the king after giving up fear and by these words I am telling you what I think." 32.18

"A very angry Rāghava using his bow can control the entire world including devas, asuras and Gandharvas." 32.19

"Anyone who has received favours from another person should not forget it and it is not proper for you to make him angry or upset." 32.20

"Oh king, Along with your son and friends, go and stand before him with a bowed head, like a wife stands before her husband." 32.21

"Oh king of monkeys, it is not proper for you to overlook the words of Rāma or his brother in your mind. The strength of a human being like Rāma who is equal to Indra is realized only by the mind." 32.22

This is the end of Thirty Second Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.