Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 29

29. Hanuman Reminds Sugrīva

[Seeing Sugrīva running after passionate pursuits, Hanuman reminds him of his duty to help Rāma to search Vaidehī. Sugrīva instructs Nila to assemble monkeys from different directions to do the job.]

Hanuman the son of wind god observed a clear Moon light sky free from clouds and lightning resounding with the lovely sounds of cranes. He observed that Sugrīva has attained abundant wealth and happiness and by that reason was not taking care of kingdom and his mind was set on enjoyment and sensual pleasures; who having accomplished the desired object was engrossed in enjoyment with women in the company of his own wives and Tara whom he had coveted by transgressing; and strolling day and night without caring for the kingdom; entrusting the kingdom to the ministers without being watchful about their movements; and sporting with women like Indra sports with Apsarās in the Nandana garden. Hanuman a knower of responsibilities and righteous duties who is timely in action, skilful in expression and knower of good speech approached Sugrīva. He spoke in a convincing manner to Sugrīva the king of monkeys about his trustworthiness in a well meaning sweet and pleasing tone. He spoke truthful expedient and conciliatory words with full of love and affection making Sugrīva happy. 29.1-29.8

"You got back your kingdom and your fame and the greatness of your family is increasing but the duties towards your friends have not been fulfilled and you are supposed to do it." 29.9

"He who is an expert in understanding the proper time, always conducts himself properly with friends and only then the greatness and fame of his kingdom will increase." 29.10

"He who can maintain with care his treasury, the punishment he awards, his friends as well as importance of his own self and his kingdom as equal, would manage a great kingdom." 29.11

"You being straightforward in your actions, please follow the right path without any problems and carry out proper actions to satisfy your friends." 29.12

"He who gives up all his actions and does not work for the sake of a friend with urgency and enthusiasm, would be experiencing bad luck." 29.13

"He who keeps on postponing time without attending to the work of the friend, even if he does great deeds, he would not helping his friend." 29.14

"Oh destroyer of enemies, so do not make too much delay on the job of the friend. Searching of Vaidehī is the mission of Rāghava and so please do it." 29.15

"Oh king, that punctual one is not pointing out about the delay on your part even though he is in a hurry to do it because he is depending on you." 29.16

"Rāma is one who causes clans to grow, a long lasting friend, one of matchless power and unparalleled in his own character." 29.17

"Like he did your job earlier, you have to now carry out his job and oh king of monkeys, you should now order the monkey lords." 29.18

"As long as Rāma does not remind us, there is no time delay of the job, but once he reminds us take it for granted that there is delay." 29.19

"Oh king of the monkeys, even if he has not rendered any help, you are one who will do him help and in this case he has killed your brother and given back your kingdom and so you have return his help." 29.20

"Oh Strong and valorous one who is the lord of monkeys and bears, why are you delaying in issuing orders to help the son of Dasaratha." 29.21

"That son of Dasaratha, if he desires is capable of controlling devas, asuras and great serpents but he is waiting for you to fulfil your promise." 29.22

"Without bothering for loss of his life, he fulfilled your great desire and so we should search for Vaidehī whether she is in earth or in the sky." 29.23

"Devas, asuras, Gandharvas, groups of Maruts and even Yakṣas cannot scare him and where is the question of Rākṣasas?" 29.24

"Earlier by his power, he did the job to please you and so Lord of monkeys and so it would be proper for you to all that which would please him." 29.25

"Oh Lord of monkeys, with your order, we can go and search for her in sky, earth, underground or even inside the water in the earth or any other place." 29.26

"Oh sinless one, you now order us as to, who should determine the activities, where we should go, in what direction and what we should do? More than one crore monkeys are at your service." 29.27

Hearing those just words of appeal given at the proper time, Sugrīva who had great sense of duty started applying his excellent intellect. 29.28

He sent word through his favourite Nila who was always diligent and sent message to collect his army cadres from all directions. 29.29

"Let the leaders of all the groups of monkeys assemble here separately and Oh chief or army, you may act accordingly." 29.30

"Those of my monkey army chieftains who have enterprising soldiers, may quickly assemble here along with their armies as per my order and you may supervise all the activities that are to be carried afterwards." 29.31

"Al those monkeys who fail to reach here within three to five nights would be awarded the death sentence and no thought would be entertained about it." 29.32

"Go along with Angada and inform the monkeys who have turned old and inform them of my decision and order. After making these arrangements that great monkey lord entered in to his residence. 29.33

This is the end of Twenty Ninth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.