Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 26

26. Sugrīva Crowned

[When Hanuman suggests that Sugrīva should be crowned, Rāma says he cannot enter the city as per his father's words. He instructs Sugrīva to crown Angada as Yuvarāja. The coronation takes place inside the city. Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa retire to the cave to wait for the rainy season to get over.]

Then all those monkeys surrounded Sugrīva who was greatly sorrowing and who were ready to serve him. 26.1

And all those monkeys went and stood before greatly strong Rāma, who does not cause problem to others with folded hands in salutation like sages standing before Lords Brahma. 26.2

Hanuman the son of wind God who was like a golden mountain and who has face like the rising sun with saluted hands told. 26.3

"Due to your grace, Sugrīva got the kingdom of his ancestors which was difficult for monkeys to obtain." 26.4

"With your permission Sugrīva has to enter the city, then take bath in scented waters made with herbs as per rules and he will be helped to do his duties by all his friends." 26.5-26.6

"He will then specially worship you with gems and garlands and then you should come in to the mountain cave and you should establish good relation with the king and please all monkeys." 26.7

Then the slayer of enemies Rāma who is wise and expert in speech, after hearing what was told by Hanuman replied. 26.8

"Oh gentle Hanuman, for fourteen years I will not enter in to a city or village as per the order of my father." 26.9

"The great monkey Sugrīva would enter the highly prosperous and pretty cave [Kiṣkindha] and as per proper ritual should be crowned as king of kingdom." 26.10

After saying like this, Rāma told Sugrīva who was greatly strong, disciplined, and knowledgeable." 26.11

"Oh valorous one, now you consecrate Angada as the Yuvarāja, who is your elder brother's son, who is noble and similar to you in valour and this Angada is a noble person fit to be Yuvarāja." 26.12-26.13

"Oh gentle one, the four months known as rainy season has commenced and in this first month of Śravaṇa, water has started pouring down." 26.14

"oh gentle one, this is not a suitable time for doing any activity and so you enter the city and I along with Lakṣmaṇa would stay on the mountain." 26.15

"This mountain cave is pretty, very wide, has proper wind, abundant water supply and is full of day and night lotus flowers." 26.16

"When the month of Kārtika sets in, you may try to kill Rāvaṇa as this is not the time. Oh gentle one, you may enter your city, get yourself consecrated and make your friends happy." 26.17

Then Sugrīva the lord of monkeys after taking permission from Rāma entered, the city of Kiṣkindha ruled by king Vali. 26.18

When the Lord of the monkeys entered the city, thousands of monkeys entered along with him, saluted him and stood surrounding him. 26.19

Then all the people of the city after seeing the chief of the monkey clan prostrated before him with their heads touching the ground and later sat there. 26.20

Then Sugrīva the valorous s one addressed all his subjects after making them get up and the gentle one entered the private apartments of his brother who was strong. 26.21

After having entered when the lord of the monkeys Sugrīva returned back, his friends crowned him similar to the crowning of the thousand eyed one. 26.22

Then sixteen young and happy girls brought white coloured umbrella decorated with gold, and two Chāmaras with golden staff that confers glory. They brought jewels, all kinds of medicinal herbs, sprouts and flowers from juicy trees, white flowers and white clothes, unguents, scented flower garlands from the upland flowers, wonderful lotuses, sandal, scents of different kinds, excellent gold coloured paddy, honey of Priyanga, clarified butter, curds, tiger skin and sandals made of boar skin. These splendid women also brought highly valued unguent musk mixed with red arsenic and came there. 26.23-26.28

In order to crown him as per rules and at the proper time, they made happy the great Brahmins by giving them precious gems and food. 26.29

Then they spread Kuśa grass and lit the sacred fire by using auspicious sticks and the people who are experts in Mantras offered oblations in fire along with Mantras. 26.30

Then Sugrīva was seated facing the east on a gold-footed throne covered with fine cushions on a mansion decorated with multi coloured garlands. As per ritual sacred waters from rivers and streams were collected and stored in golden pots. According to the procedure ordained by the sages in shastras, the water was apportioned and at the appropriate time and that pure and fragrant water was used for the consecration by Gaja, Gavaya, Sarabha, Mainda, Dvivida, Hanuman, Jambhavan and Nala for the consecration of Sugrīva the bull among the monkeys. The pure and fragrant water was poured from auspicious bull-horns and golden pots for the consecration. The monkeys crowned Sugrīva just like the eight Vasus crowned the thousand-eyed Indra 26.31-26.36

When Sugrīva was crowned all the thousands of the great monkey lords shrieked with joy. 26.37

Obeying the words of Rāma, Sugrīva the monkey Lord hugged Angada and crowned him as Yuvarāja. 26.38

When Angada was crowned those monkeys who were interested in the welfare of monkeys appreciated Sugrīva by saying, "Great, great." 26.39

All those who were present when the crowning took place again and again praised affectionately Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. 26.40

The pretty mountain cave of Kiṣkindha was decorated with banners and flags and was full of happy and contended subjects. 26.41

Then they informed the great Rāma about the crowning of the chief of the monkey army and Sugrīva getting back his wife Ruma, ruled the kingdom like Indra. 26.42

This is the end of Twenty Sixth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.