Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 25

25. Vali's Cremation

[Rāma consoles Sugrīva and requests him to make arrangements for the cremation of Vali. Tara and his other wives accompany the body of Vali. The body is cremated by lighting the fire by Angada. Water ablations are offered to him.]

Though Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa were being equally disturbed, Rāma spoke consoling Sugrīva, Tara and Angada. 25.1

"Being filled with grief does not bring fame to the dead and we have to now start doing what needs to be done after this." 25.2

"You have to adopt worldly practices and stop shedding tears as after a lapse of time this little activity should not be carried forward." 25.3

"Fate is the cause of everything in the world, fate is the instrument of all actions and fate is the reason of doing different duties in this world." 25.4

"No one motivates others to do any action including God and the world acts according to its nature and time is the ultimate cause." 25.5

"Time does not change fate, time will not go against fate and the nature of anything cannot be changed by time." 25.6

"Fate does not have relationship or does not cause valour or cause the relation with friends, clan members and relatives because fate is not under our control." 25.7

"However a good person with clarity can visualize the effects of fate and the effect of Dharma, Artha and Kama are accumulated over time." 25.8

"The king of monkeys has attained his nature of the subtle soul as a result of his actions along with the combination of Dharma, Artha and Kama." 25.9

"That great soul who did not protect his life and by virtue of cumulated effect of Dharma, Artha and Kama has won the heaven and has been accepted there." 25.10

"The very great state attained by the lord of the monkeys is an excellent one and so there is no need for further regret and the proper time has come to do what needs to be done." 25.11

After Rāma finished his talk, Lakṣmaṇa the great hero seeing that Sugrīva has lost his consciousness told. 25.12

"Oh Sugrīva, now please do the funeral rites to the body along with Tara and Angada and cremate it." 25.13

"Now please collect large quantity of dried wood and also divine logs of sandalwood, for the cremation of Vali." 25.14

"Please console Angada who is in a pitiable state and do not behave childishly as the city is under your control." 25.15

"Let Angada collect various types of garlands and apparels, ghee, scented oil, which is required to be collected." 25.16

"Oh Tara, go quickly and arrange for a palanquin of the dead which can move quickly, fastened with ropes and which is suitable to this occasion." 25.17

"Let capable and strong monkeys who can carry the palanquin be got ready so that they can carry Vali to the pyre." 25.18

Lakṣmaṇa who increased the joy of Sumitrā and the slayer of his enemies after saying this waited near his brother. 25.19

Tara who was with a disturbed mind after hearing Lakṣmaṇa entered quickly in to the cave [city] so that the Palanquin can be arranged. 25.20

Bringing the Palanquin which was got ready along with monkeys who carry it, Tara returned back. 25.21

A marvellous palanquin endowed with a splendid seat, moving swiftly like a chariot covered with colourful pictures of birds and trees on every side of it; like the sky -chariot of saints fitted with mesh windows fixed in appropriate way designed by Viśvakarma; with artificially made small caverns and grottos made out of wood; embellished beautifully with wooden mountains decorated with the choicest of ornaments; beautified with garlands, furbished with red sandal paste and decorated with red scented flowers and red lotus garlands resembling the rising Sun was brought. 25.22-25.26

Then Sugrīva along with Angada, crying bitterly, lifted the body of Vali and placed it on the palanquin. 25.27

That Vali's body which had lost its soul was placed on the Palanquin which was decorated with many ornaments, cloths and garlands. 25.28

The Lord and king of the monkeys Sugrīva then ordered "Let the funeral rites for the noble one be conducted in a fitting manner." 25.29

"Let large number of many types of gems be scattered by monkeys marching in the front, which should be followed by the Palanquin." 25.30

"Let the monkeys carry out the funeral rites of our lord in an opulent way with special kinds of wealth Like done for the kings who have ruled this world." 25.31

When Vali was being carried for performing the funeral, Tara, Angada, the relatives of the dead one and other monkeys crying walked behind that. 25.32

Then all the monkey ladies, who were under the control of Vali, crying "Oh Valorous one, Oh valorous one" again and again, followed them. 25.33

The chief of monkey troops followed Tara and other monkey ladies crying in a pathetic voice about their husband followed. 25.34

By the sound of the cries of the monkey ladies inside the forest, all the mountains and forests appeared as if they were mourning. 25.35

Then those sorrowing monkeys prepared the funeral pyre on the sandbank surrounded by water in a mountain river which was in a solitary place. 25.36

Then the carriers of the Palanquin brought it to that place and brought it down on earth from their shoulders in that solitary place and were waiting. 25.37

Then Tara seeing her husband on the palanquin, placed her head on his lap and that very sad one cried. 25.38

"Oh Monkey, Oh king, Oh my dear husband, Oh greatly respected one, Oh Very strong one, Oh my darling, please see me. Why are you not seeing this person who is suffering from sorrow?" 25.39- 25.40

"Oh king with self-respect, your face is appearing happy, even though you are dead and it has the colour of the setting sun, which was the colour, when you were alive also." 25.41

"Oh monkey you were dragged away by Rāma who came in the form of god of death, who turned all of us as widows by one arrow in the forest." 25.42

"Oh great king, all these monkey women, all of whom are your wives and who are dear to you, have come on foot walking this long distance,. Do you know about it?" 25.43

"Oh king of monkeys, they are all your moon faced wives who are your favourites. And now why are you not looking at Sugrīva?" 25.44

"Oh king, all your ministers, Tara and others and those people of your city are sitting surrounding you, Oh sinless one." 25.45

"Oh Conqueror of enemies, send away all these monkeys in a proper way and then we both will play with passion in this forest." 25.46

Then That Tara who was crying like this due to her being drowned in sorrow due to the death of her husband was made to get up by other Monkey ladies who themselves were sad. 25.47

Then helped by Sugrīva, Angada who was wailing placed his father on the pyre, with senses numbed by sorrow. 25.48

Then with very disturbed senses as per rule he offered fire to his father who had gone for a journey to a long distance, went round him in an anti-clockwise manner, with his sacred thread hanging on his right shoulder." 25.49

All the monkeys after cremating Vali as per religious law went to the river for offering water ablations with the pure water of the river. 25.50

Then all of them keeping Angada in front along with Sugrīva and Angada offered water to Vali. 25.51

The mighty son of Kākutstha family was equally sad and pitiable as Sugrīva, directed the funeral rites. 25.52

After setting fire to Vali who was a hero of great prowess who was killed openly by a great arrow of Rāma, Sugrīva glowing like a blazing fire approached Rāma who was along with Lakṣmaṇa. 25.53

This is the end of Twenty Fifth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.