Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 24

24. Rāma Consoles Tara

[Sugrīva now realizes the bad act he has done. He tells Rāma that he would enter the pyre with Vali and other monkeys would search for Sītā. Tara requests Rāma to kill her and send her to heaven. Rāma consoles Tara.]

Seeing Tara who by the shedding of her tears was drowned in a great sea of sorrow, the mighty younger brother of Vali, regretted killing his matchless brother. 24.1

After seeing with a tear filled face, Tara for a moment, Sugrīva the highly sensitive person became greatly depressed and pained and he along with his attendants slowly reached near Rāma. 24.2

He went near the famous Rāghava who was standing holding a bow, holding an arrow which was as powerful as a poisonous serpent and who has auspicious bodily features and told. 24.3

"Oh King, as per your promise you have done and you have seen the result but oh son of the king, I am not interested in pleasures and I have lost interest in living." 24.4

"When the queen is deeply crying and the entire army is wailing and are burning due to sorrow and when my elder brother is no more and when the survival of Angada is doubtful, Oh Rāma, I would not enjoy this kingdom." 24.5

"Earlier due to anger, intolerance, being subjected to violence earlier the death of my brother was agreeable to me but now oh son of Ikshvāku clan, after his death I am greatly pained." 24.6

"Now I think it would have been better for me and my attendants to have continued living on Riṣyamūka mountain, somehow living there, looking after our own affairs which would have been better than killing my brother and attaining heaven." 24.7

"When that great soul and intelligent one told, "I will not kill you in this place and so go away", those words were fitting to his nobility and my word, "Oh Rāma, please kill him", are befitting me who is an irrational monkey." 24.8

"Oh Rāma, Oh brave one, how can one brother take pleasure in killing the brother with great character and I am now thinking about the sorrow caused by death of a king, though I too am one who is given to desires?" 24.9

"Killing me was not the intention of my brother as it violated his Dharma but all I wanted was to take his life violating my own Dharma." 24.10

He punished me for a small time with a branch of a tree but he immediately consoled me by saying, "Do not do it again." 24.11

"He always protected Dharma, feeling of being a gentleman and the feeling of brotherhood but I only exhibited anger, passion and my monkey like qualities." 24.12

"I have earned the sin of killing my brother similar to Indra acquiring sin by killing of son of Tvaṣṭā, which is unimaginable, avoidable, undesirable and unsightly." 24.13

"The sin of Indra is borne by earth, water trees and women and who will bear the sin committed by this tree animal." 24.14

"Having got done the Job by Rāghava which is against Dharma and which will lead to the extermination of the clan, I do not deserve to be honoured by people and made a Yuvarāja and so how can be made a king?" 24.15

"As a sinner I should be condemned for the mean act which is harmful to the world and because of that a great sorrow is rushing towards me, like the rain water rushing to low lying areas." 24.16

"The sin of killing of my brother is the hind part of an elephant along with tail, and the agony that I caused to my brother has become its eyes, head and tusk and this berserk elephant is striking me hard like the waters of a ferocious river strikes its bank." 24.17

"Oh best of kings, Rāghava, how bad is my sinful behaviour which has come out of the good behaviour which rests in my heart, like the dirt surfacing out of gold when it is heated in the fire." 24.18

"Oh Rāghava, due to me this clan of very strong monkeys including me and Angada are suffering due to sorrow and all of us feel as if we are all half dead." 24.19

"Oh valiant one, It is not difficult for us to get an easy going and easy to deal with son, but where we can we get a son like Angada and where in the world can we get a brother like Bali, who will be approachable." 24.20

"Oh best of the valorous ones, if Angada does not live, Tara who is living only to bring him up, without a son would be miserable and I am sure, she will not live further." 24.21

"And so I would like to enter the greatly raging bright fire along with my brother as well as Angada and since I want to honour the treaty these great monkeys would as per your command search for Sītā." 24.22

"Oh son of a king, even though I am dead your entire mission would be achieved and Oh Rāma, I who have led to the destruction of my clan should not live and so please permit me to carry out my determination." 24.23

The chief of Raghu clan heard these anguished words of the younger brother of Vali and slayer of warriors and shed tears and for a moment Rāma was perturbed. 24.24

At that moment the one who has patience like earth and the protector of earth, saw Tara who was weeping with sorrow and drowned in sorrow and keenly proceeded towards her." 24.25

That pretty eyed one who was intelligent was embracing her monkey lion husband who was lying on the floor and the important ministers started to make that wife of a monkey king to stand up. 24.26

Tara who was struggling to embrace was taken away from the presence of her husband and saw Rāma with a sun like lustre and holding his bows and arrows. 24.27

Seeing him who was endowed with signs of royalty, pretty eyes, eyes like that of a deer and whom she has never seen before, she understand that leader of men was the son of Kākutstha clan. 24.28

She who was drowned in sorrow and greatly pained and greatly shaken up, went to the proximity of that great man who was equal to Indra and was unapproachable to his enemies. 24.29

That Tara who was having the look of one greatly agitated by sorrow and who had great self respect went near Rāma who was pure and who had achieved his aim in the battle and spoke. 24.30

"You are incomparable, difficult to approach, self-controlled, best among people who practice Dharma, one with non-reducing fame, one who has high sense of discrimination, one who has tolerance like earth and one with red eyes." 24.31

"You have a model body like a magnificent human being and one who holds bow and arrows in his hand, very strong and one who have assumed divine looks." 24.32

"You have killed my husband with one arrow and please kill me with the same one arrow and I would be then able to go with him, since he does not enjoy life without me." 24.33

"When that pure one with eyes like lotus petals reaches heaven, he would look around and being not able to see me, he would not make love to the tall Apsarās who wear red coloured amazing dresses." 24.34

"The valorous Vali would not find happiness in heaven without me like you are not able to find it without the pretty damsel of Videha though you are in the very pleasant stretches of the great Riṣyamūka mountain." 24.35

"Oh Lad, you very well realize the sorrow that a virile man gets in to, without his woman and let not Vali suffer with that and you please kill me." 24.36

"If you who are a great soul feel that killing of a lady is sin, this will not happen to you as I am to be considered as his soul and so the sin of killing a woman will not get attached to you." 24.37

"In implementing scriptures also the Vedas mention in various places, that woman is an inseparable part of her husband and indeed his soul and great people say that no deed is greater than restoring wife to her husband and so you are not committing a sin." 24.38

"Oh Valorous one, if you give back me to my husband that would be according to Dharma and killing me would not be a sin because you would only be giving a present to my husband." 24.39

"I am in a painful state, orphan and greatly distracted and it is not proper for you not to kill me and I would not be able to live without him who has a gait of a proud elephant, who was a bull among monkeys, who was wise, who is adorned with the blessed golden necklace, for a long time." When Tara spoke this way the great Lord consoled Tara and told her. 24.40-24.41

"Oh wife of a valorous one, leave out these bad thoughts.. The creator has already fixed all that has to happen including your sorrows and pleasures also. and after this the creator told all beings." 24.42

"All the three worlds would be ruled by fate and nobody can go against it. You would have a great appeasement as your son would be crowned as Yuvarāja as this has been destined by the creator. Wives of warriors do not wail." 24.43

After Rāghava, the scorcher of enemies consoled her powerfully that wife of warrior stopped having a face producing sound and that well decorated Tara relaxed. 24.44

This is the end of Twenty Fourth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.