Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 23

23. Tara Laments

[The sorrowing Tara wails about her husband who is dead. Nila pulls out the arrow from the chest of Vali.]

Then Tara took her face near her husband's face whiffed it and she started talking to her world famous husband who was already dead. 23.1

"Oh hero, Without bothering about my words, you are lying on hard, uneven and rough ground on earth which is very painful." 23.2

"Oh king of monkeys, it seems to me that you love the earth more than me, for you are embracing earth and not talking to me." 23.3

"Oh lover of adventures, you have moved into the possession of Sugrīva, due to the clutches of fate and Sugrīva only has won. Is it fated to happen this way?" 23.4

"The leaders of monkeys and bears of your army are standing nearby. They are crying loudly and Angada too is sorrowing and you must also be hearing my words. Why are you not getting up?" 23.5

"In other battles you have killed enemies and made them lie here and you are now lying there where people have reclined earlier." 23.6

"Oh dear You were born in clan of truthful and pure people and you were lover of battles and Oh lord, you have left me as an orphan and gone away." 23.7

"A wise man would not offer his daughter to a warrior as a wife and now seeing you dead I have become a widow." 23.8

"My self-respect has been shattered and my permanent aim is shattered and I have drowned very deep in the ocean of sorrow." 23.9

"My hard heart must have been made of stone as it is not breaking in to hundred pieces after seeing the death of my husband." 23.10

"He is my friend and husband and is naturally dear to me and that brave and valiant one has attained death in a battle." 23.11

"A lady without a husband, even if she is mother of sons and has plenty of wealth and grains, still she is called a widow by wise men 23.12

"Oh valorous one, you are lying on the blood which has flown out of your shining body, it looks like you are lying on a crimson coloured bed in your own bed room." 23.13

"Oh bull among monkeys, your body is fully covered with dust and blood and I am not in a position to embrace you." 23.14

"Today Sugrīva is happy that he has got what he wants in your very horrible enmity with him and feeling that his fear was dispelled by one arrow of Rāma." 23.15

"Due to the arrow piercing your heart, I am refraining from touching you and I am only seeing you, who has gone to heaven." 23.16

Then Nila pulled out with great difficult the arrow that had gone in to his body and it was like pulling out a shining serpent which has gone deep in to the cave. 23.17

When that shining arrow was being pulled out it liked like the ray of the sun who has gone beyond the western mountain. 23.18

From that that flowed blood wetting all parts of his body and it appeared like the water mixed with copper ore was flowing off the mountains. 23.19

When Tara was wiping the body of her husband covered with dust, the tears flowing from her eyes drenched the valiant one hit by an arrow. 23.20

Seeing her fallen down husband covered all over with blood, that lady spoke to her son, the tawny eyed Angada. 23.21

"Oh son, see this very pitiable state of your father who has reached death, which has been caused by a sinful deed which led to the enmity." 23.22

"Oh son salute your father who had great self-respect and now is dead and that King who looks like a rising sun has now gone to the abode of Yama." 23.23

When he was addressed this way, Angada got up, with his strong and rounded shoulders held the feet of his father and said, "I am Angada," 23.24

Then Tara told, "When your son Angada is saluting you why are you not blessing him like earlier and say "Oh son live long." 23.25

"I along with my son would serve you, who has lost his conscience like a cow and calf would attend on a mighty bull killed by a lion." 23.26

"In the Yagna of war, you have taken your bath in the water called Rāma's arrow and how it that you took the bath without me in this end of Yagna bath.," 23.27

"Why am I not able to see on your chest the golden necklace given to you by the very pleased king of devas?" 23.28

"The lustre of kingship has not gone out of you even after death, just like the lustre of the sun of early morning does not leave the mountain." 23.29

"You did not obey my words nor did I had the strength to prevent you and when you died in the war, me and my son also have been killed and along with the auspicious lustre has gone out of me." 23.30

This is the end of Twenty Third Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.