Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 21

21. Hanuman Consoles Tara

[Hanuman tells Tara that with a living son, who needs her attention it is not proper to give up her life. He tells her that she should make Angada as the king. Tara tells him that she would prefer death.]

Then the monkey leader Hanuman slowly consoled Tara who was like star on the sky fallen to the ground. 21.1

"All beings due to the bad and good deeds done by them in control of their senses attain after death auspicious or inauspicious results." 21.2

"When one should worry about you, you are worrying about one about whom you should not get worried due to pity and compassion as this body is as temporary as a bubble." 21.3

"You are a mother with a son living in Angada who is a lad who needs to be looked after. And think about your duties to him in the future." 21.4

"You are aware that coming and going in to this world does not happen following any rule and therefore the learned people say that we have to do only auspicious acts." 21.5

"He is the one on whom thousands, millions and hundred millions monkeys have pinned their hope and that one has attained this state." 21.6

"He had a lawful vision, he used persuasion, charity and punishment to administer the kingdom, and has got this position through Dharma and it is not proper for you grieve at his death. 21.7

"The tiger among monkeys Angada who is your son and the entire kingdom of monkeys and bears are under your control." 21, 8

"Oh pretty one, you may encourage these two persons [Sugrīva and Angada] who both are drowned in sorrow and let Angada under your control rule over this earth." 21.9

"Whatever are the anticipated duties of a son towards his father and all that is expected to be done to the dying king should be done now, as this has been dictated by time." 21.10

"Now the monkey should be cremated and Angada should be crowned as the king, and after seeing your son going towards the throne you would get peace." 21.11

Hearing these words, Tara who was affected by sorrow due to husband, replied to Hanuman who was available there. 21.12

"If on one side I have hundred sons who are exactly alike Angada and the dead body of this slayer on another side, I would embrace the body." 21.13

"I am not the proper person to decide whether Angada has to be the king and the brother of his father Sugrīva would take a decision on that." 21.14

"Oh Hanuman, do not entertain such thoughts in your mind about Angada for father is the real well wishes of the son and not the mother." 21.15

"A safer course for me is to join the king of monkeys in this world or the other world and I would prefer to the slain hero in my front and I would lie with him in his final resting place." 21.16

This is the end of Twenty First Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.