Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 19

19. Tara Rushes to Vali's Place

[When Tara sees the monkey warriors running away she tries to dissuade them. They advise her to go back to the city and crown Angada as their king. Without bothering about this advice, Tara rushes to the spot where Vali has fallen. Seeing her and Angada crying Sugrīva becomes sad.]

Struck down by the arrows that great king of monkeys was made to lie on the ground and hearing apt words from Rāma, he chose not to reply. 19.1

Badly pierced by Rāma's arrows, limbs smashed by boulders and hit by trees, he lost his consciousness as a prelude to death. 19.2

His wife Tara heard that the tiger among monkeys was killed by the arrow released by Rāma in the battle. 19.3

Hearing the terrible and unpleasant news of her husband's death, Tara got greatly frightened and rushed to the mountain cave along with her son. 19.4

The greatly valorous attendants of Angada seeing Rāma the one who wields a great bow were frightened and ran away. 19.5

Then Tara saw the frightened monkeys running away from her troop like deer slipping away from their herd. 19.6

That virtuous lady who herself was sorrowing, reached them who were sorrowing and running away as if Rāma's arrows have hit them and told them. 19.7

"Oh monkeys you are the attendants who walk ahead of that king lion and why are you running away leaving this place extremely frightened?" 19.8

"If for the sake of the kingdom this brother was made to fall down by Rāma's arrows which strike at a long distance, why are you running away?" 19.9

Those monkeys who can take any form that they want hearing the words of the wife of the monkey lord, which was timely and clear, told her. 19.10

"Oh lady with a living son, you please go back and save the life of your son Angada, for Rāma in the form of God of death has killed Vali." 19.11

"After being hit by trees and very big stones which were thrown at him, Vali fell down by the thunderbolt like arrow of Rāma." 19.12

"After seeing the tiger like monkey who is equal to Indra in lustre fall down, we who are his army were terrified and are getting scattered." 19.13

"Please protect the gateway of the city and crown Angada the son of Vali as the king and all the monkeys would serve him as their king." 19.14

"Oh lady with a pleasant face, otherwise your place would not be good and so do as we advise and immediately the monkeys will mount the citadels of the city and keep watch." 19.15

"You will see many monkeys who were sent away by Vali along with wives and without wives wandering in the forest and they are great cause of fear to you." 19.16

That lady with a pretty smile hearing the words of monkeys with a lowly mind talked to them reflecting her own views. 19.17

"After the death of my great husband, who is the lion among monkeys, what is the use of the kingdom to me or the son or this life?" 19.18

"I will reach the base of the feet of that great soul, who has been killed by an arrow sent by Rāma." 19.19

Affected by great sorrow, she ran crying, hitting her head and chest with her own hands. 19.20

When she was drawing close to that spot, she saw, her husband, who was a great conqueror of Rākṣasas and one who never turned his back in the battle fallen on the earth. 19.21

And there she saw Vali who could throw mountains just like Indra who threw his thunderbolts, who was like a stormy wind and had the voice like the thunder of clouds. 19.22

Vali was equal in prowess to Indra, a thunder to those who thunder, one with a huge form, a valiant one, one who could kill other valiant ones, one who was like a lion killed by a tiger for its meat and was lying there like a cloud that was powerless after the rain. 19.23

He was like a temple having a flag and altar which was revered by all the worlds but destroyed by an eagle for the sake of a serpent. 19.24

That auspicious lady then saw Rāma standing there leaning on the best of the bows along with his brother and the brother of her husband. 19.25

After crossing the place where they are standing, she went near her husband who had fallen in the battle and that very much pained lady was bewildered and fell down. 19.26

That lady then stood up as if she was waking up from her sleep and while crying said, "Oh husband" and wailed loudly seeing her husband who was caught up in the rope of death. 19.27

Sugrīva seeing Tara crying like a female Osprey and also seeing Angada who was following her with great sorrow, experienced sorrow and despair. 19.28

This is the end of Nineteenth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.