Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 15

15. Tara Tries to Dissuade Vali

[When Vali starts angrily to fight again with Sugrīva, Tara his queen, tells him that Sugrīva would not come to fight again without any help. She tells him that from spies Angada has heard that Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa have promised to help him. She tells him that they are formidable and not to go to fight.]

Vali, who had gone to his private apartments, heard the huge sound of great Sugrīva and got angry with his brother. 15.1

Hearing that sound which shook all the beings, Vali lost his intoxicated mood and became greatly angry. 15.2

Vali who was shining like gold was all over influenced by anger, lost all his lustre like that of the eclipsed sun. 15.3

Vali who was gnashing his teeth due to his anger shined like fire and appeared like a pond full of uprooted lotus plants. 15.4

Hearing the intolerable sound that monkey started rushing out with quick and strong steps as if he intended to break the earth. 15.5

Then Tara hugged him, looked at him with love and companionship and told good advice to him who was greatly agitated. 15.6

"Oh valiant one, gently leave out this anger which comes out with a speed of river from you. The garland that you wear might would be taken out at day break." 15.7

"Oh great monkey, war has to be done seeing the time. You do not have enemies or vanity with you." 15.8

"You are going out from here rashly and I think it is not good for you and hear from me why are being prevented by me." 15.9

"Earlier he summoned you for war with great anger and when he attacked, he was thrown away and ran in all directions." 15.10

"He was defeated by you and specially hurt by you and when immediately he again calls you for war, a doubt arises in my mind." 15.11

" You can see that with pride and determination he is roaring. For this starting of that shouting again, the reason does not appear to be small." 15.12

"I do not think that Sugrīva has come here without any other help and he is depending on some unflinching support for this roaring of his." 15.13

"By Nature Sugrīva is intelligent and has expertise and he would not enter in to friendship without testing that person's power." 15.14

"Oh valorous one, I have heard earlier from Angada when he spoke to me about this matter and I would tell you about those good words." 15.15

"Our Son had gone inside the forest and the following news was revealed to him by our spies." 15.16

"The sons of the king of Ayodhyā, Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa who had been born in the clan of Ikshvāku and who are valiant and difficult to be defeated in battle have reached here to help Sugrīva, making him difficult to defeat." 15.17

"Your brother has now got the help of the famous Rāma who is an expert in warfare, who has killed powerful enemies and is burning like the fire at deluge." 15.18

"He is like a sheltering tree to the pious and to the destitute and the ultimate protection to the distressed and the only one who can be called famous." 15.19

"He is endowed with intellect and knowledge and stood firmly by the words of his father. He is a great one with good qualities resembling a great mountain with minerals." 15.20

"So it is not proper for you to have him as enemy as he is honourable, cannot be defeated, and is of immeasurable greatness in war." 15.21

"Oh Valorous one, I desire to tell you a few things and I am not trying to find fault with you. Please listen and act according to it, As I desire only your welfare." 15.22

"Oh Valorous king, with speed consecrate Sugrīva as the Yuvarāja. Why this useless enmity as he is your younger brother." 15.23

"I think for the sake of your welfare develop friendship with Rāma and keeping away enmity with Sugrīva and start loving him." 15.24

"Oh Monkey, he is your only younger brother whom you should love and it does it matter where he is as he is always your relative." 15.25

"I do not see anybody else in this earth who is a relative equal to him. Treat him with wealth and respect and afterwards leave away the enmity towards him and keep him by your side." 15.26-15.27

"Sugrīva with his broad neck is the only great relation to you and so show him affection as a brother and there is no other alternative than this." 15.28

"If you think that I love you, if you think that I am interested in your welfare, please listen to my entreaties and do according to my words." 15.29

"Please become peaceful and hear what I am muttering which will be useful to you, you should not follow only anger and it is not proper for you to fight with princes of Kosala kingdom who are like Indra in splendour." 15.30

Like that Tara spoke these useful words to Vali and he being under the influence of God of death and about to die did not like her good words. 15.31

This is the end of Fifteenth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.