Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 14

14. Sugrīva at Kiṣkindha

They all went speedily to Kiṣkindha the place ruled by Vali and in the deep forest they waited hiding behind the trees. 14.1

Sugrīva with a bread chest who loved forests thoughtfully examined all the forests and became angry. 14.2

Then he who was surrounded by his companions made horrible sound capable of breaking the sky and moved like wind inviting Vali for war and it was like a roar of a great cloud. 14.3

Sugrīva who was like an infant sun and who moved like lion and who was capable of doing any duty spoke to Rāma like this: 14.4

"We have reached the very big Kiṣkindha which is occupied by a net work of monkeys, which has shining gate way made of gold and which has a flag operated mechanically. 14.5

"Oh valorous one, as per your earlier vow, be pleased to kill Vali and achieve this quickly, like providing support to the creeper at the right time." 14.6

When Sugrīva spoke like this to the Rāma who was the soul of Dharma, told the following to Sugrīva who was a destroyer of his enemies. 14.7

"I can now recognize you by the Gajapushpi creeper, which is a distinguishing mark placed on your neck by Lakṣmaṇa." 14.8

"Oh valorous one, you are shining greatly with the creeper adorning your neck and you look like the sun with a garland of stars in the bright sky." 14.9

"Oh monkey, now I will relieve your fear caused by enmity of Vali, by release of one arrow at him." 14.10

"Please show me your enemy in the form of your brother, before he is killed and rolls down in the dust of the forest." 14.11

"If you bring Vali in to my visual range, then there would not be any need for you to complain that he has gone back alive." 14.12

"You have seen earlier that I pierced seven Sāla trees by one arrow and by that same strength I will kill Vali now." 14.13

"Oh valorous one, I have never spoken a lie earlier even when I faced pain fearing that I would go against the tenets of Dharma and I will also not speak a lie in future." 14.14

"Leave out your nervousness for I will fulfil my vow like Indra helped a rice crop to yield by bringing rain at the proper time." 14.15

"Oh Sugrīva, now you make such sound and a war cry that the Vali adorned with a golden garland would come out." 14.16

"When challenged by you, he who wishes to win and praises strength will rush out without any other people from the city." 14.17

"The challenge of enemies is like liked by valorous men who know about their valour especially in front of women." 14.18

When he heard the words of Rāma, the golden hued Sugrīva shouted in a loud and cruel voice, as if he wanted to split the sky. 14.19

Due to the effect of his sound, cows were frightened and lost their lustre, like the virtuous queens when they come to know about the failure of the king. 14.20

The deer were started falling down like the wounded horses in the battle and the birds started falling down like the planets stars which fall down after their blessing is exhausted. 14.21

Sugrīva, the son of Sun, who is well-known for cloud like thundering, and whose vigour is now reinforced by his bravery, then promptly released an oceanic roar like an ocean with splashing waves drifted by gales. 14.22

This is the end of Fourteenth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.