Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 13

13. Rāma at Seven Sages Hermitage

[On their way to Kiṣkindha they see a hermitage from which scented air was coming out. Sugrīva told Rāma that it was the hermitage of the seven sages and requests them to salute that hermitage.]

The elder brother of Lakṣmaṇa went from Riṣyamūka along with Sugrīva to Kiṣkindha which was ruled by the valorous Vali. 13.1

Rāma got ready with a great bow and arrow decorated by Gold and which was like Sun and which was powerful in war. 13.2

In the front of the great soul Rāghava, the strong necked Sugrīva and Lakṣmaṇa walked ahead. 13.3

Behind him the valorous Hanuman, Nala, NIla and the brilliant monkey leader Tara walked. 13.4

They walked seeing bent trees due to heavy load of flowers, rivers with pure water flowing to the sea. 13.5

They walked seeing valleys, mountains, house like caves and caves, chief peaks and valleys which were all pleasant to look at. 13.6

They went glancing at Lotus plants having leaves like pure Vaidūrya, Asoka plants with unopened buds and picturesque tanks with good water. 13.7

They walked seeing Karaṇḍu ducks, cranes, swans, Vanjula birds, water fowls and Chakravāka birds which were singing melodiously. 13.8

They saw on those grounds fearless deer were roaming in the forest feeding on tender grass. 13.9

There were elephants with two tusks wandering alone which were fearsome enemies of tanks. 13.10

There were elephant like monkeys moving like a mountain which were intoxicated, raising dust of the ground and knocking way edges of mountains. 13.11

Seeing the animals that move in the forest and birds that move in the sky, they proceeded by the way shown by Sugrīva. 13.12

When they were proceeding with great speed, the son of Raghu clan, after seeing a forest densely populated with trees asked Sugrīva. 13.13

"These patch of trees is shining like a cloud in the sky and they are vast like collection of clouds and surrounded by Banana clumps". 13.14

"Oh friend, I would like to know what this is? I am curious about it. I wish you would satisfy my curiosity." 13.15

Hearing those words from the great soul Rāma, Sugrīva started answering while they were walking in the dense forest. 13.16

"Oh Rāghava, this is a very broad hermitage which removes tiresomeness due to it having pretty gardens and lots of fruits and roots." 13.17

"The sages were called 'seven sages' who observed great penance with great discipline. They rested upside down with head in the water and foot up." 13.18

"They observed penances for seven days with air as their only food and on the seventh night they stayed on the top of the mountain without moving. They did penance like this for seven hundred years and with their bodies departed to heaven." 13.19

"Because of their power, this hermitage surrounded by trees is difficult to enter to devas, asuras including Indra." 13.20

"Birds and other animals who wander in this forest do not enter the hermitage because any one entering in cannot return alive." 13.21

"Oh Rāma from the hermitage sound of dresses and ornaments are heard as well as sound of musical instruments and singing and also one can smell divine fragrance there." 13.22

"Three sacred fires keep on burning inside the hermitage and the smoke from them envelop the tree tops and the smoke shines red like a pigeon's leg" 13.23

"These tree tops with their top covered by thick smoke and covered by the thick clouds looks like a mountain of Vaidūrya." 13.24

"Oh Rāma along with your brother Lakṣmaṇa salute the sages with folded hands and meditating on those sages." 13.25

"Those who offer salutations to those sages who are in contemplative state, will not have any inauspicious signs in their body." 13.26

Then Rāma along with Lakṣmaṇa saluted those sages and meditated with devotion on those sages and worshipped them. 13.27

Then Rāma, his brother Lakṣmaṇa, Sugrīva and other monkeys offered salutations and went from there with a heart full of delight. 13.28

Then going with effort for a long distance from the hermitage of the seven sages, they saw Kiṣkindha ruled by Vali. 13.29

Then Rāma, his brother and the monkeys after taking weapons which had very great lustre, reached the town ruled by the son of Indra, to eliminate their enemy. 13.30

This is the end of Thirteenth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.