Rāmāyana |Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa| Chapter 10

10. Sugrīva's Banishment Story

[Sugrīva then tells about how unjustly he was banished from his kingdom and how his wife was usurped from him by Vali. Rāma promises to kill Vali.]

"Then I wanted to please my brother who has come greatly angry and greatly agitated and started appeasing him." 10.1

"Fortunately you have reached back safely after killing your enemy. Oh Lord of all orphans, but for your return I would have been an orphan." 10.2

"I will hold the umbrella with many ribs and which is like the full moon which has just risen with Yak tails. Be kind enough to accept it." 10.3

"Ok king, I stood near the mouth of the cave undergoing great difficulty for one year and then I saw the blood flowing out of the mouth of that cave. My heart was filled with sorrow and I lost control over my senses. Then after covering the door of the cave with a stone of the size of the mountain, I retreated from that place and re-entered Kiṣkindha." 10.4-10.5

"The citizens and the ministers who saw me grieving crowned me though I did not like it. I may be excused for that." 10.6

"You only are the king worthy of reverence and I am just like earlier. I have taken up the job of the king because you were absent. The kingdom is now stable with its ministers, citizens and towns and its thorn like enemies kept away." 10.7-10.8

"This kingdom which has been deposited with me during your absence is being returned to you and Of slayer of enemies, Oh gentle one, do not get angry at me." 10.9

"Oh king, I am begging you with bent heads and hands folded in salutation. I took this assignment to rule kingdom only during your absence as entrusted to me by citizens and ministers so that it can be preserved without any problems." 10.10

Though I was speaking to him with affection, that monkey abused me and reproached me in spite of the fact that I spoke in various ways to him. 10.11

Calling people who agreed with him and the ministers who were invited, he spoke to me very harshly in the middle of my friends. 10.12

"You know well how that the angry war mongering Māyāvi, who is a great asura challenged me for a war that night." 10.13

"As soon as I heard these words of his, I came out of the palace and this dreadful brother followed me." 10.14

"Then that Asura, seeing me at night being followed by another powerful person, was stricken with great fear seeing both of advancing against him and speedily entered a huge cave though he was chased. 10.15-10.16

"When I saw him entering that horrifying very big cave, I instructed my cruel looking brother like this." 10.17

"I will not have the power to return from the cave till I kill the asura and so you please wait for me at the mouth of cave till I kill him and return back." 10.18

"Under the hope that Sugrīva is waiting for me, I entered the cave which was difficult to enter and when I was searching for the asura One long year passed." 10.19

"Without much effort I could find the fearful enemy of mine and I killed him along with his relatives." 10.20

"When he was roaring and writhing, blood came out of his mouth and it became difficult to stop the flow of blood in that cave." 10.21

"After killing the powerful enemy who was the son of Dundubhi, when I was coming out, I could not find the door of the cave since it was blocked." 10.22

"I went on shouting for Sugrīva again and again and when there was no response, I became greatly distressed." 10.23

"I hit the walls of the cave many times with my feet and broke the door at last and have arrived here from there." 10.24

"And this cruel Sugrīva who had forgotten brotherly affection wished like a mirage to have the kingdom for himself stopped me." 10.25

After telling like this that monkey Vali without getting perturbed banished me from the kingdom with a single cloth. 10.26

"Oh Rāma, Remembering that attack as well as robbing of my wife, I am greatly scared of him and wandering this earth which is covered by oceans and forests." 10.27

"Being sad due to my wife being stolen from me, I have come to this great mountain Riṣyamūka, which is inaccessible to Vali due to some other reason." 10.28

"This is the story about the great enmity between us told in great detail and you can realize the great sorrow which has befallen me for no fault of mine." 10.29

"Oh valorous Rāma who is fearful to the entire world, due to the fear and sufferings caused by Vali, I am requesting for your grace by killing Vali." 10.30

When he was spoken to like this the lustrous Rāma who was a follower of Dharma, started telling these words which are according to Dharma in a teasing way to Sugrīva. 10.31

"My unerring sharp arrows, which are like the Sun, would soon kill Vali, who is an evil one with great speed." 10.32

"As long as I do not see him who has stolen your wife, till that time that soul of sin Vali who has violated virtue would live." 10.33

"From my personal experience, I see that you are drowned in the ocean of sorrow and I would definitely make you cross that sea and ensure that you get back all that you have lost." 10.34

Hearing those words which increased his joy and courage, Sugrīva who was immensely pleased told these great words. 10.35

This is the end of Tenth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.