Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 9

Sargam [Chapter]: 9
Riṣyasriṇga’s Story

[Sumantra tells that he heard sage Sanatkumāra telling a group of saints that Daśaratha would get sons only if the Fire Sacrifice is done by sage Riṣyasriṇga. Then he tells the story of Riṣyasriṇga and his father Vibhānḍaka. He also tells as to how Romapāda, King of Anga Deśa, needed Riṣyasriṇga’s presence in his country.]

After hearing all that, the king's charioteer [Sumantra - the minister] addressed the King in private and told, "I heard the officiating priests about what happened earlier." 9.1

"The sage Sanatkumāra, who is divine, narrated the story of your future generation to others." 9.2

"Sage Kaśyapa had a famous son called Vibhānḍaka and it has been foretold that he would have a son who would be called Riṣyaśriṇga." 9.3

"He grew up in the forest and always followed his father in the forest and that King among Brahmins did not know anything except the forest." 9.4

"Oh eminent king, that sage Riṣyaśriṇga practised two fold celibacy as prescribed by the Brahmins." 9.5

"He spent all his life in attending to his father who was very famous and attending to the fire god." 9.6

"During that time, there was a famous King called Romapāda who was very famous and ruled over the country of Anga." 9.7

"Due to his ruling the country against the prescribed tenets, there was terrible famine and pestilence in his country, making all the living beings greatly suffer." 9.8

"When that great drought prevailed, the grief stricken King summoned all the Brahmins, who were old, heard many things and told them" 9.9

"All of you are experts in Dharma and well versed in the ways of the world and so please instruct me as to the religious atonement to be carried out now." 9.10

"Those Brahmins, who were expert in Vedas, told the king, "By employing all means, please bring the son of sage Vibhānḍaka to our country." 9.11

"After bringing Riṣyaśriṇga here and honouring him with due reverence, according to rules, offer your daughter Santha to him." 9.12

When the King heard their words, he became thoughtful and asked "What means can be employed to bring him, who has won over his senses here?" 9.13

"Thereafter in consultation with his very efficient ministers, he decided to send a group of ministers and priests for performing that mission." 9.14

Having heard the words of the king, greatly worried and with bent heads, distressed and frightened they said "we will not go." 9.15

And again after thinking over the useful means to bring him to the court, they said to the king, "We will bring the sage in such a way that no blame would come to us." 9.16

"By using courtesans, that son of the sage was brought to the court of the King of Anga, King Indra then poured rain and Santha the daughter of the King was offered to him." 9.17

"And that son in law Riṣyaśriṇga will bless you [Daśaratha] to have sons. This is what the sage Sanatkumāra told the other sages." 9.18

Hearing that, King Daśaratha told in return to Sumantra, "please tell me in detail about the means by which Riṣyasriṇga could be brought.” 9.19

This is the end of Ninth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.