Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 76

Sargam [Chapter]: 76
Paraśurāma's Pride Destruction

[Rāma easily strings the bow, keeps an arrow in it and requests Paraśurāma to say whether the arrow should be used to destroy his feet or should it be used to destroy the result of his accumulated penances. Paraśurāma realizes that Rāma is Vishnu himself and chooses the latter as he has to leave all countries he had given to sage Kaśyapa. After destroying all penances by the arrow, Paraśurāma salutes Rāma and goes to his abode in Mahendra Mountains.]

The son of Daśaratha, after hearing the words of son of Jamadagni, avoiding further conversation due to respect to his father told. 76.1

"Oh Bhrigu’s son, I have listened to the great acts done by you. I am greatly appreciating the acts done by you to repay your debts to your father." 76.2

"Oh Bhārgava, you have insulted me as if I am without valour and incompetent to perform the duties of a Kshatriya." 76.3

Rāma, with speed and valour, having thus spoken angrily, grasped the bow and arrow from the hands of the son of Bhrigu clan." 76.4

After bending, pulling the string and keeping the arrow on it, the angry Rāma asked the son of Jamadagni. 76.5

"You are Brahmin fit to be worshipped and you are worthy of homage through Viśvāmitra to me and so I do not have the power to release it to take your life." 76.6

"Oh Rāma, I have decided to either destroy the movement by your feet or the power that you have earned by penance which is incomparable in this world; please tell me your choice." 76.7

"This celestial arrow of Vishnu either would conquer cities or destroy the pride and strength of a person; it will not go in vain." 76.8

To see Rāma, holding that blessed weapon, devas and assembly of sages led by Lord Brahma as well as Gandharvas, Yakṣas, Apsarās and Kinnaras, as well as Yakṣas, Rākṣasas and Nagas assembled in the sky. 76.9-76.10

When Rāma stretched the divine bow, the world became benumbed; Rāma, the son of Jamadagni, lost all his power and gazed at Rāma. 76.11

Having lost all his prowess, power and having been made motionless, the son of Jamadagni spoke to Rāma with eyes like petals of a lotus flower. 76.12

"Earlier, when I gave this earth, earned by me, to Kaśyapa, he told me, "You should not live in my country." 76.13

"Oh Rāma, since I have gifted the earth to Kaśyapa, I assured him that I will not live here. Following the words of Guru, I am not living here during night time." 76.14

"Oh valorous Rāma, for that reason, you should not destroy the power of my movement as I have to go with the speed of mind to the great Mountain Mahendra." 76.15

"Oh Rāma, strike the unmatched worlds of penance that I have conquered with that divine arrow. Let there not be any delay in it." 76.16

"As soon as you stretched this bow, I have understood that you are the imperishable slayer of Madhu and the lord of all devas. Please be safe." 76.17

"All these crowds of devas, who have assembled here, know about your incomparable deeds. in combat, you are unassailable." 76.18

"Oh son of Kakustha dynasty, because I have been defeated by you, who are the lord of three worlds, I should not feel ashamed." 76.19

"Oh Rāma, who does proper penance, it is only proper for you to release this incomparable arrow at me and after its release. I would go to the Mahendra Mountain." 76.20

When Rāma, the son of famous Jamadagni, spoke thus, Rāma, the son of Daśaratha, released that excellent arrow. 76.21

After seeing that the worlds of great penance earned by him were destroyed, that Paraśurāma speedily went to the excellent Mahendra Mountain. 76.22

Then all directions and semi directions were cleared of darkness; devas and sages praised Rāma for wielding that bow. 76.23

Lord Paraśurāma, the son of Jamadagni, praised Rāma, went round him and then went to his abode. 76.24

This is the end of Seventy Sixth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.