Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 75

Sargam [Chapter]: 75
Paraśurāma's Story and Vishnu Bow

[Sage Paraśurāma tells about how Viśvakarma made two bows; gave one to Vishnu and another to Shiva. The Vishnu bow was given to his grandfather, who gave it to his father, who gave it to him. At this, Daśaratha was scared; but Paraśurāma completed the story of the bows and challenged Rāma to string it and send an arrow using it.]

"Oh son of Daśaratha, Oh Rāma, I have been hearing about your great prowess and I have also heard about your breaking of Shiva's bow." 75.1

That breaking of the bow is wonderful and beyond our thought. Hearing about that, I have come with another divine bow." 75.2

"This great bow of dreadful appearance was obtained by sage Jamadagni; complete the test of your prowess by sending an arrow with that bow." 75.3

"After seeing your prowess, while you are stretching the bow, I shall engage you in a duel for appreciating your valour." 75.4

After King Daśaratha heard those words, he, with a dejected face full of sorrow, spoke the following. 75.5

"You are a famous Brāhmaṇa, who has become quiet by your anger against Kṣattriyas, and it would be proper if you give protection to my sons who are only boys." 75.6

"You are born in the clan of Bhrigu, shining due to his study of Vedas and observance of penance. You have already left off use of weapons by taking a vow in the name of Indra." 75.7

"You, with an intent on Dharma, have conferred this entire earth to Kaśyapa; you have retired to the forest and are living on Mahendra Mountain." 75.8

"Oh great sage, you have come for my complete destruction today; if you kill Rāma, none of us will survive." 75.9

When Daśaratha was talking like this to the famous son of Jamadagni, disregarding those words, he was only addressing Rāma. 75.10

"These two great divine bows are famous all over the world as they are both stout and powerful; they were made by Viśvakarma himself at the same time." 75.11

"Oh Great human being, Oh son of Kākutstha clan, the one which was broken by you was given to devas by the three eyed Lord Shiva, who was the destroyer of the three cities." 75.12

"The second unassailable bow was given by the chief of devas to Lord Vishnu. Oh Rāma, oh son born in the Kākutstha clan, this highly radiant bow of Lord Vishnu is as strong as the other bow of Rudra." 75.13

"Then all devas at that time asked Lord Brahma to find out about the comparative strength and weaknesses of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu." 75.14

"The grandfather who was foremost among all those who speak, after he came to know about the intention of devas, instigated the quarrel between both the Gods." 75.15

"A great war took place between Shiva and Vishnu, each desirous of a victory over other, making one's hairs to stand erect." 75.16

"Then by the sound of "hum", the dreadful power of Shiva's bow was compromised and the three eyed one was made motionless." 75.17

"All devas along with sages and Chāraṇas, who had assembled there, requested both of them. As both of them were great devas they both were pacified." 75.18

"Since Shiva's bow was made benumbed by the bow of Vishnu, devas and sages thought that Vishnu's bow was superior." 75.19

"The famous Shiva, who got angry with this, placed the bow and arrow with the Royal sage Devaratha in the country of Videha." 75.20

"Oh Rāma, that Vishnu, capable of conquering hostile cities, gave his bow with trust to Richaka belonging to the race of Bhrigu." 75.21

"That Richaka, who had great lustre, gave it to his son, the famous Jamadagni, who was one with matchless valour." 75.22

"Endowed with great power of penance, my father renounced use of all weapons and King Kartā Vīryāryuna killed him in a vulgar manner." 75.23

"Having heard of the killing of my father, which was incomparable and ruthless, out of great anger, I went on killing Kshatriyas, who were being born again and again as they were born and reborn. Having won the entire earth, at the end of a fire sacrifice, I gave it to sage Kaśyapa who was doing meritorious acts. There after I am living on the Mahendra Mountains due to the power of great penance." 75.24-75.25

"Oh strong Rāma with great valour, having heard about your great prowess, which led to the breaking of Shiva's bow, I have come here for the same purpose." 75.26

"Oh Rāma, treating with respect the Dharma of Kshatriyas, take hold of this eminent and excellent bow belonging to Vishnu, which was inherited by me from my father and forefathers." 75.27

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, this great bow is capable of conquering cities as well as enemies. If it is possible by you, place an arrow on it, then I will engage you in fight." 75.28

This is the end of Seventy Fifth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.