Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 72

Sargam [Chapter]: 72
Kusadwaja's Daughters

[Mandavi and Sruthakeerthi, daughters of Kusdawaja, are offered as brides to Bhārata and Śatrughna. The offer is accepted and the marriage is fixed. Daśaratha does the preliminary rituals for the marriage.]

The great sage Viśvāmitra, along with Vasiṣṭha, after hearing these words of King Janaka, told Janaka. 72.1

"Oh great king, the glories of the clan of Ikshvāku as well as that of Vaideha are immeasurable and beyond mere thought. There is no one equal to kings of these clans." 72.2

"Oh King, Urmilā with Lakshmana and Sītā with Rāma are perfect matches. There is perfect match in their forms and their marriage is in accordance with Dharma." 72.3

"Oh great man, what I intend to tell may please be heard. This Kushadwaja, who is the brother of the King, is the great follower of Dharma." 72.4

"Oh king, oh best among men, we are seeking his two daughters, matchless in beauty and virtue, as brides to grooms." 72.5

"Oh king, the lads Bhārata and Śatrughna are great and magnanimous; we choose them as brides for both of them." 72.6

"These two sons of Daśaratha are handsome and youthful; they are like kings who are protectors of the world and devas. " 72.7

"Oh king, let the bond be strengthened between the clan of Ikshvāku and your clan of pious deeds with great and clear vision." 72.8

Then having heard the wishes of Viśvāmitra and Vasiṣṭha, Janaka with folded palms addressed those sages and told. 72.9

"Our clans are indebted to you, oh great sages, for your commanding us for this relation between our clans." 72.10

"And let it happen as suggested by you; you be safe. Let the daughters of Kusadwaja become the wives of Bhārata and Śatrughna and serve them." 72.11

"On the same day, let the hands of our four daughters be held by the four strong princes." 72.12

"The Prajāpati called Bhaga appreciates the holding of the marriage on the day when there is Uthara Phalgunī Star [Uthram]." 72.13

The King Janaka, after telling these pleasing words, stood up with folded hands and told the two great saints. 72.14

"Both of you have done supreme dharma for me. Oh eminent sages, I am your disciple and so please occupy these great thrones." 72.15

"My city is like Ayodhyā for King Daśaratha and there is no doubt about it; you can govern it as you please." 72.16

When the King Janaka talked in this manner, the son of Raghu clan King Daśaratha became happy and replied to King Janaka. 72.17

"You brothers, who are the kings of Mithilā, have countless good qualities. Sages and groups of kings have been worshipped by you." 72.18

"Be peaceful, may you obtain safety. I shall go to my residence and perform all rituals concerning ancestors" he spoke like this. 72.19

Then that very famous King Daśaratha took leave and Janaka also went away after those two sages. 72.20

After going to his residence, King Daśaratha did the Śraddhā [ceremony addressed to ancestors] as per the scriptures. After getting up in the morning, he did the charity of giving cows.. 72.21

That King gave thousands of cows to Brahmins and these charities were meant for the sake of each of his sons. 72.22

That great man Daśaratha, who was affectionate towards his sons, distributed hundred thousand cows, with their horns covered in gold, with abundant yield of milk, accompanied by their calves, as well as bronze vessel for milking and also many valuables to the Brahmins in the names of his sons. 72.23-72.24

The King, who had given the cows in charity, as well as observed penance for the sake of his sons, looked like Lord Brahma surrounded by the guardians of world. 72.25

This is the end of Seventy Second Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.