Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 71

Sargam [Chapter]: 71
Janaka's Clan Details

[Janaka tells about his clan starting from Nimi. He also introduces his brother Kusadwaja. The marriage of Rāma with Sītā and Urmilā, Janaka's younger daughter, with Lakshmana is proposed and accepted.]

Hearing what was spoken by Vasiṣṭha, King Janaka replied with folded hands "You be safe. It is only proper that you listen to our genealogy." 71.1

"Oh great sage, it is very important to listen to the genealogy completely and it is appropriate for one born in a great clan to tell about it. Please listen." 71.2

"There was a King called Nimi who was famous in all the three worlds by his own acts. He was a great follower of Dharma and greatly endowed with strength." 71.3

"He had a son called Mithi, who constructed this town of Mithilā. He was the first Janaka and his son was Udhavasu." 71.4

"To the virtuous Udavasu was born a son called Nandhivardhana. And Sukethu was the son of Nandhivardhana." 71.5

"To the virtuous Sukethu, the strong Devaratha was born. He was a royal sage and to him was born a son called Brihadartha." 71.6

"The son of Brihadratha was the valorous and famous Mahāvīra. He had a courageous and truthful son called Sudruthi." 71.7

"The soul of Dharma, Drishtakethu, who was a great follower of Dharma, was born to Sudruthi and to that royal sage a son named Haryaswa was born." 71.8

"Maru was the son of Haryaswa and Prathindhaka was the son of Maru. The son of Prathinthaka was King Keerthiratha, who was a follower of Dharma." 71.9

"Devameedha was the son of Keerthiratha. Vibhudha was the son of Devameedha and his son was Maheedraka." 71.10

"The mighty King Keerthiratha was the son of Maheedraka and that royal sage's son was Maharoma." 71.11

"Maharoma's son was the virtuous Swarnaroma and his son was the royal sage Hrusvaroma." 71.12

"For that great follower of Dharma was born two sons. I am the eldest and Krusdwaja is the second son." 71.13

"My father Hrusvaroma, after crowning me, who is the eldest son, as the king, placed the burden of bringing up Kusadwaja on me and went to the forest." 71.14

"After my aged father attained heaven, I am looking after my brother Kusadwaja, who resembles devas, in an affectionate manner and I am ruling this kingdom as per the tenets of Dharma." 71.15

"Then after passage of sometime, a powerful King Sudhanwa set out from town of Sankhasya with a view to besiege Mithila." 71.16

"He sent a message to me for handing over the matchless bow of Lord Shiva and lotus eyed maid Sītā to him." 71.17

"Oh Brahmāṛṣi, by my not giving these, a big war broke out between him and me; In that encounter, Sudhanwa was killed by me." 71.18

"Oh great sage, after killing that King Sudhanwa, I crowned my heroic brother Kusadwaja as the King of Sankhasya." 71.19

"Oh great sage, this is my younger brother; I am the eldest one. Oh great sage, I am immensely pleased to offer the two maidens Sītā to Rāma and Urmilā to Lakshmana. May you be safe." 71.20

"As a reward for the prowess, I am offering my daughter Sītā, who is similar to the daughter of devas, and also my second daughter Urmilā. I am proclaiming this thrice so that there is no doubt about it." 71.21

"I am giving these two brides, who are greatly loved by me, as brides to the sons of Raghu clan. Oh King, please make Rāma and Lakshmana give away gift of cows. Let it be performed for satisfying the manes. Safety to you. Afterwards, the marriage may be performed." 71.22-71.23

"Oh valorous one, Oh Lord, today is the star Makha and third day from today is the star Uthara Phalgunī [Uthram]. Oh king, we could perform the marriage on that day. For ensuring happiness of Rāma and Lakshmana, let dhāna [charity] of various forms may be given." 71.24

This is the end of Seventy First Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.