Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 69

Sargam [Chapter]: 69
Daśaratha at Mithilā

[Daśaratha starts his journey to Mithilā the next day along with his ministers, Guru and priests. They are received by Janaka hospitably and Daśaratha is happy to see his sons.]

King Daśaratha spent that night in the company of his guru, priests and relations; when the night got over, he spoke to Sumantra. 69.1

"Today itself, let the chief of treasury go, well prepared in advance, with great quantity of wealth including several type of gems." 69.2

"I command that the four divisions of army from the four quarters may depart and also let excellent chariots and palanquins march out." 69.3

"Let the Brahmins, Vasiṣṭha, Vāmadeva, Jābāli, Kaśyapa, long lived Mārkaṇḍeya and sage Kātyāyana depart in advance. Let my chariot be kept ready so that there would not be any time delay as the messengers of King Janaka are hastening me up." 69.4-69.5

As per the orders of the king, the four divisions of army departed; the King and sages followed behind. 69.6

After covering the path in a span of four days, they arrived in the country of Videhās. Hearing about it, King Janaka made arrangements for their worship and hospitality. 69.7

Afterwards, King Janaka, having seen the aged Daśaratha, was immensely pleased and extremely happy. 69.8

Then Janaka, the great man, spoke with joy to Daśaratha, the great man, "Oh king, welcome to you. It is great fortune to us that you have come. You will experience the love of both your sons, who have won over us by their prowess." 69.9

"Luckily the god like sage Vasiṣṭha has also arrived surrounded by great Brahmins. They resemble Indra surrounded by devas." 69.10

"I am lucky to know that there were no problems and I am lucky to have an alliance with the clan of Raghu, which is well known for its valour and is greatly distinguished." 69.11

"Oh emperor of men, it is proper for you to conduct the marriage tomorrow, after the end of Yagna, with the consent of sages, Oh best among men." 69.12

The King, who was in the middle of sages, after hearing these words from Janaka, who had great control over his words and was an expert in using them, replied to Janaka. 69.13

"Oh king, I have heard in olden times that the gift should be received as per the words of the giver and so follower of Dharma, I will do according to your words." 69.14

Hearing the words from the famous follower of Dharma, who was an votary of truth, the King of Videha was greatly filled with admiration. 69.15

Afterwards, all the sages spent the night in great joy, in each other's company. 69.16

King Daśaratha was happy to see both his sons and spent the time well, being honoured by Janaka. 69.17

That Janaka, with great lustre, who was a great philosopher, after performing the acts relating to the Yagna, spent the night in the sacrificial hall along with his daughters. 69.18

This is the end of Sixty Ninth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.