Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 68

Sargam [Chapter]: 68
Daśaratha's Journey to Mithilā

[The messengers reach Ayodhyā and inform Daśaratha about the marriage proposal. Daśaratha becomes happy and makes arrangement to start with his ministers and priests]

Commanded by King Janaka, those messengers travelled for three days, rested for the night and entered the city of Ayodhyā with their tired horses. 68.1

Having reached the palace of the King, they talked to the door keepers and told, "Tell the King Daśaratha immediately that messengers of King Janaka have come." 68.2

After hearing this from them, the door keepers informed about the coming of the messengers and then obeying the orders of the king, the messengers were made to enter the palace and saw the aged King Daśaratha who resembled devas. 68.3

All those messengers freed from any apprehension, with folded hands addressed the King in reverential tones and sweetly told him. 68.4

"Oh great king, Janaka, the King of Mithilā, who conducted a yajña by fire, using sweet words laden with affection, enquires your welfare with stability, along with your teachers and priests". 68.5-68.6

"The King of Mithilā, after getting to know your permanent welfare, wants to tell you the following message with the permission of sage Viśvāmitra." 68.7

"It is known to everybody that I have decided to give my daughter in marriage, in exchange for an act of a person's prowess, which had made many kings to retreat with disappointment." 68.8

"Oh king, this daughter of mine Sītā has been won by your valorous son Rāma, who had come along accidentally, led by sage Viśvāmitra." 68.9

"Oh great king, the great Rāma had broken that divine bow of limitless glory in the middle, in a big assembly of people." 68.10

"To fulfil my vow to compensate her to the one who has great prowess, I have to give Sītā in marriage to Rāma and for that reason it is proper for you to give your consent to fulfil my desire." 68.11

"Oh great king, please come here speedily along with your teachers and priests. Safety to you. It is proper for you to reunite yourself with Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa." 68.12

"Oh Indra among kings, it is proper for you to cause happiness to me and also to joyfully meet your two sons." 68.13

"Janaka, the King of Videha, according to the permission of Sathananda and approval of Viśvāmitra, has conveyed these sweet words." After speaking thus, the messengers, out of respect and fear for the King, stopped. 68.14-68.15

After hearing the words of the messengers, the King became greatly happy and told like this to Vasiṣṭha, Vāmadeva and others. 68.16

"Rāma, who increases the joy of Kausalya greatly, is living in the country of Videha, protected by the son of Kuśika." 68.17

"Since Rāma has proved his prowess, King Janaka is desiring to give his daughter in marriage to him." 68.18

"If you look with favour, the behaviour of the great Janaka, we will immediately go to Mithilā without wasting any more time." 68.19

All ministers and great sages approved the idea and the happy King said, "We will start our journey tomorrow." 68.20

"The ministers of King Janaka, endowed with all virtues, were treated with great hospitality and were pleased and spent the night there. 68.21

This is the end of Sixty Eighth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.