Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 63

Sargam [Chapter]: 63
Viśvāmitra and Menakā

[Viśvāmitra does penance further. He sees Menakā and lives with her for some time. Realizes his error, does further penance and Brahma recognizes him as a great sage. Indra wants to stop further penance of Viśvāmitra by sending Rambha.]

"After one thousand years of penance, the great sage took ritual bath, all devas, with an aim to give him the fruits of the penance, approached him." 63.1

The great lustrous Lord Brahma spoke the following sweet words: "With self earned sacred deeds, you have become a sage. May you be safe." 63.2

"Brahma, lord of gods, went back to heaven after speaking like this to him. The greatly lustrous Viśvāmitra continued to do his great penance." 63.3

"Oh great man, after a lapse of lot of time, the prettiest Apsarā, called Menakā, came to bath in Puṣkara." 63.4

"The highly lustrous son of Kuśika saw Menakā in the tank; she looked like a streak of lightning in the clouded sky and she was incomparably pretty." 63.5

"Sage Viśvāmitra, after seeing her under the influence of God of love, spoke the following words to her. "Oh Apasara, a hearty welcome to my hermitage. I am completely under the influence of God of love and so bless me. Be safe." 63.6

"Oh Rāma, after these words were spoken to her, who was of exalted breeding, she started living with him in the hermitage and ten years were passed happily." 63.7-63.8

"When time passed by, that great sage Viśvāmitra became greatly sorrowful and also felt greatly ashamed." 63.9

"Oh son of Raghu clan, when the sage was feeling, a sense of indignation arose in his mind and he thought, "All this has been done by devas so that I am deprived of doing great penance." 63.10

"Being possessed by lust and delusion, the entire night as well as day of ten years have passed by and a great roadblock has fallen on me." 63.11

"Oh Rāma, that great sage Viśvāmitra, the son of Khusika, became distressed, started repenting and was frequently sighing. Apsarā Menakā, who was greatly frightened, stood trembling with folded palms; seeing her, the sage, with sweet words, asked her to leave and went towards the Mountains." 63.12-63.13

"The famous Viśvāmitra took to life of abstinence and chastity, with a view to win over his senses, on the banks of the Kaushiki river and performed highly rigid penance." 63.14

"Oh Rāma, when he was performing strict penance over one thousand years in the northern part of the country, fear arose in the mind of devathas." 63.15

"They invited all sages and all devas and decided that it would only be proper to give Viśvāmitra the title of Maharishi [great sage]". 63.16

"The grandfather of all worlds, Lord Brahma, hearing the words of Devas, spoke, using sweet words, to the sage Viśvāmitra." 63.17

"Oh son, Oh great sage, I am greatly pleased by your intense penances and Oh son of Khusika, recognizing your eminence among the eminent sages, I hereby give you the title of Maharishi [great sage]. Welcome to you." 63.18

"Afterwards, the great sage Viśvāmitra, having heard the words of Lord Brahma, was neither pleased or sorry." 63.19

"After bowing and saluting the grandfather of all the worlds, that great sage Viśvāmitra spoke the following words." 63.20

"I have obtained the title Maharishi due to my matchless and auspicious deeds. And it implies that I have conquered all my senses." 63.21

"Then Lord Brahma addressed him and told, "Oh best among sages, you have definitely conquered all your senses. Please shine still more." Saying this Lord Brahma went away." 63.22

"When all devas and sages had departed, with arms raised upwards, without any support, subsisting only on air, he further performed great penance." 63.23

"That sage, whose wealth was penance, performed further penance for another one thousand years in the summer surrounded by five fires under the open sky and in the winter by immersing himself in water day and night." 63.24

"When the great saint Viśvāmitra was performing penances, Indra and devas felt a great tremor." 63.25

"Indra, along with the maruths, spoke the following words, which were good for him, to the apsaras called Rambha and which was against the welfare of the son of Kushika." 63.26

This is the end of Sixty Third Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.