Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 60

Sargam [Chapter]: 60
Triśanku Heaven Creation

[After the Yajña, when devas did not come to receive their share, Viśvāmitra by his power of penance sends Triśanku to heaven but he is pushed back by devas. Seeing him falling head downwards, Viśvāmitra creates a new heaven to accommodate Triśanku. The disturbed devas agree to make him in to a star constellation which will live forever.]

"The most brilliant Viśvāmitra, having destroyed the power of penance of Mahodayā and other sons of Vaṣiṣṭha, said in the midst of sages." 60.1

"This person born in the clan of Ikshvāku, whose name is Triśanku, is a famous follower of Dharma and this person has sought refuge in me wanting to conquer the land of devas along with this physical body." 60.2

"You should perform the sacrifice, along with me, in such a way that this King attains heaven along with his physical body." 60.3

"All those sages, who were endowed with Dharma, after hearing the words of Viśvāmitra, in harmony, said." 60.4

"This sage born in the clan of Kuśika is an angry one and his words, without doubt, should be fulfilled properly; if that sage, who is like fire, gets angry, he will curse us." 60.5-60.6

"For that reason, let the Yajña be performed, so that the descendent of Ikshvāku clan, would go to heaven with his physical body through the spiritual power of sage Viśvāmitra. Let the Yajña be commenced." 60.7

"Having spoken like this, those great sages started performing their respective roles under the chief priest sage Viśvāmitra," 60.8

"The officiating priests, who were experts in Mantras, in accordance of mantra and prescribed Kalpa, according to rules and traditions, perform the tasks as per their seniority." 60.9

"After a long time, that great sage Viśvāmitra requested the devatās to receive their share of the offering." 60.10

"The Gods, who were invited by him, did not come to receive their share of the offerings and the great sage Viśvāmitra seized by great anger, lifted the ladle, which was used in offering the sacrifice, and spoke these words to Triśanku." 60.11-60.12

"Oh king, see the power of my penance which is self-earned. I will lead you with your body to heaven using my power, Oh king, you will go to the difficult to achieve heaven with your physical body." 60.13

"Oh king, even if little of the power of penance that I have earned is remaining, by its power you may go to heaven with your physical body." 60.14

"Oh son of Kakustha clan, when these proper words were spoken by the sage, the King, with his physical body, went towards heaven in the presence of sages present there." 60.15

"After seeing Triśanku, who was coming to heaven, Devendra [who killed Pāka], along with many other devas, spoke these words." 60.16

"Oh Triśanku, you are not fit to live in heaven and so go back. Oh fool, who was cursed by his own Guru, fall on the earth with head downwards." 60.17

"After hearing the words of that great Indra, Triśanku addressed the penance rich Viśvāmitra, wailing again and again, "Protect me, Protect me", while he was falling down." 60.18

"Viśvāmitra, after listening to the wails of Triśanku's sorrow, flew in to great rage and shouted "Stay, stay." 60.19

"That mighty sage, in the middle of great sages, with great lustre, looked like another Lord Brahma standing in the southern constellation of great bear [Sapta Rishi], grew much angry and started creating another constellation of stars." 60.20-60.21

"After creating that constellation of stars in great wrath, he said that Indra was having a blurred vision and so he will create another world with Indra or without Indra and even devatās and started commencing such a creation." 60-22-60.23

"Thereafter, the greatly bewildered hosts of sages along with devas and asuras, addressed the sage in a conciliatory tone and said." 60.24

"Oh Great one, oh great sage, that King cursed by his Guru is not worthy of going to heaven with his physical body." 60.25

"That greatest among sages Viśvāmitra, having heard the words of sages and devas, replied to them in these great words." 60.26

"You be safe. Having promised Triśanku that he will ascend to heaven with his physical body, I do not want to make my words a lie." 60.27

"Let this heaven, which I have created, exist for ever, where Triśanku will live with his physical form. Let these stars created by me survive as long as all the worlds exist. Oh devas, it is only proper that you consent to this." 60.28-60.29

"After hearing this, all those devas answered to the great sage, "Let it be so. Oh greatest among sages, be safe. Let those stars which are many be outside the path of the Vaiśvānara [zodiac] and be among the stars. Let Triśanku shine for ever from there but with his downwards." 60.30-60.31

"These stars will follow this illustrious one, who has gained his objective, and would be as if he had attained heaven." 60.32

"When all devas spoke like this in praise of him, that Viśvāmitra, who is the soul of Dharma, told devas, "Let it be so." 60.33

"Oh best among men, then after the conclusion of the Yajña, those magnanimous devas and the great sages whose only wealth is their penance, went their way." 60.34

This is the end of Sixtieth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.