Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 59

Sargam [Chapter]: 59
Viśvāmitra's Yajña for Triśanku

[Viśvāmitra arranges for a great Yajña for sending Triśanku to heaven along with his physical body. He invites all sages including sons of Viśvāmitra. Not only they refuse to come, but make fun of Viśvāmitra. Viśvāmitra burns them to ashes and curses them that for hundred births they will live by eating corpses.]

"Hearing the proper words from the king, the son of Kuśika developed mercy on him, told the following sweet words to him who has become a Chaṇḍāla." 59.1

"Welcome to you, oh son of Ikshvāku clan, I know about your good deeds. Do not fear; I am your protection, Oh great king." 59.2

"For conducting this blessed deed, I shall invite all sages and then you can conduct the Yajña in a proper manner." 59.3

"You would be living further with this form due to the curse of the Guru and you would be going to heaven with this form only." 59.4

"Oh King, heaven is now within the reach of your hands as you have surrendered to Kauśika, who fulfils wishes of those who surrender to him." 59.5

"After saying this, that saint asked his sons, who were great followers of Dharma, to make all arrangements for the ritual." 59.6

"He then summoned all his disciples and told them, "As per my order, invite all great sages, who have learnt the Vedas, along with their disciples, friends and also those who are famous for conducting the Yajña." 59.7

"If any invitee speaks against this, which is not proper and not considerate, please report all that words to me." 59.8

"Hearing his words, his disciples went in all directions and invited many persons; many votaries of Brahman from all countries started arriving." 59.9

"All his disciples, after they had returned, met the resplendent sage and reported all the words spoken by the votaries of Brahman whom they had invited." 59.10

"On hearing your words, many of the Brahmins have come and many more are coming, except Mahodayā, the son of Vasiṣṭha." 59.11

"All the one hundred sons of sage Vasiṣṭha spoke explosively angry words and oh great sage, please hear all those words." 59.12

"A Kshatriya is performing a Yajña of a Chaṇḍāla, how will a ritual assembly participate and how will Gods and Sages receive the offering." 59.13

"Ruled over by Viśvāmitra, if they take the food of the Chaṇḍāla, how can great Brahmins go to heaven?" 59.14

"Oh tiger like sage, such insulting words, with eyes turning red with anger, were spoken by all the sons of Vasiṣṭha including Mahodayā." 59.15

"After hearing these words from his disciples, that great sage, with eyes turning red with anger, told the following words." 59.16

"Those who berate me, who have found fault, are bad souls and without doubt they will all be turned to ash." 59.17

"Now they will be dragged by the rope of God of death and for the coming seven hundred births, they would be born as persons who eat corpses." 59.18

"They will take birth in a ruthless tribe called Muṣṭikas, would be disfigured and deformed and wander all over the world eating the flesh of a dog." 59.19

"Mahodayā, with a bad thought has found fault with me, who is blemish less, let him be born as a night wanderer, who is berated by all the world." 59.20

"And he would suffer the bad fate for a long time as a barbaric murderer due to my anger." 59.21

"Viśvāmitra, who has done great penance, after saying these words, then stayed amidst those great sages, with great splendour, who have arrived." 59.22

This is the end of Fifty Ninth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.