Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 58

Sargam [Chapter]: 58
Triśanku and Viśvāmitra

[When the sons of Vasiṣṭha also refuse, Triśanku pesters them and later they curse that Triśanku should become a Chaṇḍāla. In that form, he approaches sage Viśvāmitra and requests for his help.]

"Oh Rāma, those hundred sons of the sage, hearing the words of King Triśanku, got enraged and told the King like this." 58.1

"Oh bad brained one, after the refusal of your teacher, who is the votary of truth, how dare you approach another branch of the same tree of wisdom." 58.2

"For all the members of the clan of Ikshvāku, their priest is the only recourse and it is highly improper to doubt the words of that priest who is the votary of truth." 58.3

"When the god like sage Vasiṣṭha has told that it is not possible; please tell us how we would be capable of doing it?" 58.4

"You are childish, oh king, go back to your city and the god like King sage Vasiṣṭha alone is capable of performing any Yajña for any King in the three worlds." 58.5

"Having heard their faltering words laden with great anger, the King again told them the following words." 58.6

"Oh sages, rich in penance, though you are the sons of my God like Guru, I would find out some other method of achieving my aim. You be safe." 58.7

"Those sons of the sage, hearing these words, which had horrible implication, became greatly angry and cursed him to become a Chaṇḍāla." 58.8

"Saying like this, sages returned to their hermitages; when the night got over, the King became a Chaṇḍāla," 58.9

"With a blue body, wearing blue cloths, with a hateful shaggy hair, wearing garlands from cremation ground and wearing iron ornaments instead of gold ornaments." 58.10

"Oh Rāma, seeing him in the form of a Chaṇḍāla, all his ministers left him; his citizens and followers also ran away in a crowd." 58.11

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, that highly adamant King burnt within himself for a day and night; he approached the great sage Viśvāmitra later." 58.12

"Oh Rāma, that sage Viśvāmitra, seeing the King rendered useless in the form of a Chaṇḍāla, became sympathetic to him." 58.13

"Due to great mercy, that great follower of Dharma, who had great lustre, told that King, who had this horrible looking form, "Safety to you." 58.14

"Oh strong son of king, Oh mighty King of Ayodhyā, for what purpose have you come here. You have become a Chaṇḍāla due to a curse." 58.15

"That King, who had become a Chaṇḍāla, hearing those words, with folded hands, told to that lord of words, who knew how to use them." 58.16

"I have been spurned by my Guru as well as his sons and my desire remains unfulfilled." 58.17

"Oh gentle one, I want to go to heaven along with this body; though I have performed hundred rituals, I am not able to fulfil my desire." 58.18

"Oh gentle one, I have never been a liar and now on will not speak any lie due to this predicament of mine; I am taking this pledge based on the Dharma of Kshatriyas." 58.19

"I have conducted many types of Yajñas and was ruling over my subjects with Dharma; Many great elders have been happy with my conduct." 58.20

"Oh saint, completely following Dharma, I developed this desire; but my Gurus are not happy with my aim and threw me out." 58.21

"I believe that God is the only divine one and my manly effort is meaningless; God helps us to surmount all problems and God is my only aim." 58.22

"I desire your grace on this soul in great anguish and I think that I deserve help from you to succeed in this effort stopped by the gods." 58.23

"I will not approach anyone else; I will not seek protection from anyone else; I merit your help in this which has been caused by God and human beings, " 58.24

This is the end of Fifty Eighth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.