Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 57

Sargam [Chapter]: 57
Viśvāmitra's Penance and Triśanku

[Viśvāmitra does further penance. Lord Brahma recognizes him as a royal sage. Triśanku, the King of Ayodhyā, wants to go to heaven along with his body. Vasiṣṭha, his guru says that he cannot help him. Then he approaches the sons of Vasiṣṭha, who become angry.]

"Oh Rāma, with a sad heart and with a mind greatly upset, making tortured breaths of anger again and again, Viśvāmitra, thought of his enmity with Vasiṣṭha and along with his chief queen, went to the southern side and eating only fruits and roots performed a great penance." 57.1-57.2

"There, they had sons dedicated to truth and Dharma called Havishpanda, Madhushyandha, Drithanethra and Maharadha." 57.3

"After the passage of full one thousand years, Lord Brahma, the grandfather of the world, appeared before Viśvāmitra who did great penance and told him in a sweet voice, "You have won the world of royal sages by your great penance." 57.4-57.5

"Due to your great many penances done, you have become a royal sage", saying this Lord Brahma, the supreme ruler of the worlds with great lustre, went back to heaven along with other devas accompanying him." 57.6

"Hearing that, Viśvāmitra felt disgraced and fell in to great sorrow and with rancour told." 57.7

"Though I have done great penance, devas and sages are only recognizing me as a royal sage and so there is no use of my penance." 57.8

"Oh son of Kakustha clan, deciding like this, that great sage again started doing great penance." 57.9

"At that time, there was a King called Triśanku of the Kākutstha dynasty, who was a great votary of truth and who controlled his sense organs." 57.10

"Oh Rāma, he got an idea of doing a Yajña by which he could attain the divine place of devas along with his body and he then called Vasiṣṭha and informed him about his thought." 57.11-57.12

"That great sage Vasiṣṭha said that he would not be able to do it and disappointed by Vasiṣṭha, the King went to meet the sons of sage Vasiṣṭha in the southern direction." 57.13

"Triśanku went to the place where the sons of Vasiṣṭha were doing penance and there he met those one hundred shining sages." 57.14-57.15

"On seeing the sons of his Guru, he saluted them, sequentially as per their age. He spoke to those great souls with a down cast face and with folded hands." 57.16

"As a shelter seeker, I have come to surrender to you, who are helping the needy. Be safe. Sage Vasiṣṭha has refused my request." 57.17

"I want to do a great Yajña; I want your consent for that; I am saluting all of you, who are my teachers sons, requesting you to bless me." 57.18

"I am saluting you, who are Brahmins steeped in penance, requesting you to get the Yajña performed by me so that I can go to the land of devas with my body." 57.19-57.20

"Since sage Vasiṣṭha has refused this proposal, I do not have any other option except approaching you, who are the sons of my Guru." 57.21

"For the clan members of Ikshvāku, you priests are the only recourse and therefore next to Vasiṣṭha, you are my only gods." 57.22

This is the end of Fifty Seventh Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.