Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 49

Sargam [Chapter]: 49
Ahalyā's Freedom from Curse

[Indra requesting Pitṛi devatās fixes the testicles of a ram on him. Rāma enters the place where Ahalyā is there. She gets freedom from the curse. Sage Gautama comes and joins his wife.]

"After that Indra, who was deprived of his testicles, with a frightened face, addressed a group of sages, Chāraṇas and devas lead by Agni [the fire God]." 49.1

"I created obstacles to penance of sage Gautama, while I was doing the work of devas and generated his great anger." 49.2

"Due to his anger, I have been deprived of my testicles and she was deserted by him; Due to this curse, all the power that he had earned has been destroyed." 49.3

"Because of the fact that I have done my action for your benefit, Oh groups of sages, chāraṇas and excellent devas, it is your duty to restore my testicles." 49.4

"Hearing the words of Indra, the performer of hundred fire sacrifice, devas along with Maruts and lead by the fire God approached the Pitṛi Devatās and said." 49.5

"This sacrificial ram has testicles and Indra has been rendered without testicles and so please take the testicle of this ram and immediately graft it to Indra." 49.6

"This ram which will be made without testicles would offer you great joy and those men who offer such rams to you will get great merits." 49.7

"The assembled Pitṛi Devatās, after hearing the words of Agni, extracted the testicle of the ram and grafted it on Indra." 49.8

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, from then onwards, the Pitṛi Devatās accept the ram without testicle as offering, as they have fitted it to Indra." 49.9

"Oh Rāma, by the great power of the penance of sage Gautama, then onwards Indra had only the testicle of a ram." 49.10

"Oh person of great lustre, therefore, enter the hermitage of the pious one and liberate Ahalyā with a divine look." 49.11

Hearing the words of sage Viśvāmitra, Rāma and Lakshmana, keeping Viśvāmitra ahead of them, entered that hermitage. 49.12

There Rāma saw that great lady shining with the power of her penance, though she was not visible to all men including devas and Asuras. It appeared as if Lord Brahma had struggled to create her form of illusion. Though she was like the moon covered by mist and clouds, Rāma saw her with the shine of a Sun. 49.13-49.14

Due to the curse of Gautama, she was not visible to any one of the three worlds till Rāma sees her. 49.15

When the end of the curse approached, she was visible; Rāma and Lakshmana touched her feet. 49.16

She, who recalled the words of sage Gautama, showered them with hospitality with a concentrated mind, offered them water to wash their feet and also water for drinking; She treated them as guests as per tradition and son of Kākutstha accepted all that. 49.17-49.18

With the accompaniment of the playing of divine drums, there was a rain of flowers and a great assembly took place in which Gandharvas and Apsarās participated. 49.19

Devas saying "Great, great", worshipped her, whose body has been got purified by penance and who was under the control of Gautama." 49.20

The great Gautama, who has done great penance and who was extremely happy, accompanied by Ahalyā, worshipped Rāma as per tradition. 49.21

Rāma, after receiving the worship of the sage Gautama, according to tradition, started towards Mithilā." 49.22

This is the end of Forty Ninth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.