Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 47

Sargam [Chapter]: 47
Maruts and Vishala Story

[Diti requests Indra to make the seven parts in to seven Maruts who would be given a honoured place. Viśvāmitra tells Rāma that Diti did her penance in this place. Then he lists all the great kings who ruled over Visala. King Sumathi who was ruling at that time came and honoured Viśvāmitra as well as Rāma and Lakshmana.]

"Once she knew that what she had conceived has been cut in to seven pieces, Diti became very sad. She told the thousand eyed on these affectionate words to her which were invincible." 47.1

"Oh slayer of Balasura, Oh Indra, due to my fault, this embryo has been cut in to seven pieces and made useless; in this matter you have not committed any fault." 47.2

"Though the embryo had this misfortune, I want to do something good for them from you. Let these seven pieces become the guardians of the seven wind regions." 47.3

"Oh son, let these seven of my sons with celestial beauty become presiding deities of regions of the wind; let them be named as Maruts and wander in the sky." 47.4

"Let one of them move about in Brahma Loka, another in Indra Loka and another become famous as Vayu move about in this earth." 47.5

"Oh greatest deva, let the remaining four of my sons, become celestial beings under your command and move about in four directions. Let them all bear the name Marut derived from what you have told them in my womb [Ma rudha] 47.6

"The thousand eyed one, the slayer of Bala, that Indra, hearing her words, with folded arms told her." 47.7

"All this will happen as per your wish and your sons shall wander about as devas. May you be safe." 47.8

"Oh Rāma, it is heard that mother and sons, having arrived at this agreement in this forest of meditation, ascended to heaven" 47.9

"Oh son of Kākutstha clan, this was the country inhabited by Indra, where he attended to the comforts of Diti, who succeeded to become a great ascetic." 47.10

"Oh tiger among men, King Ikshvāku got a famous son named Vishala, who was a great follower of Dharma, born in Alambusā, in this place and he built this town of Vishala." 47.11-47.12

"The son of Vishala was the strong Hemachandra and his successor was the famous Suchandra." 47.13

"Dhumraswa was the famous son of Suchandra and his son was known as Sanjaya." 47.14

"Prosperous and powerful Sahadeva was the son of Sanjaya and his son was Kusaswa, who was a great follower of dharma." 47.15

"The very famous and lustrous Somadatha was born as son of Kuswaswa and it is well known that Kākutstha was the son of Somadatha." 47.16

"And his son Sumathi, who has great luster and is equal to Gods, is ruling this city." 47.17

"By the blessing of Ikshvāku, all the kings of Vaisali were great, long lived, valorous and followers of Dharma." 47.18

"Oh Rāma, we would stay here happily for this night. Oh great man, do you think it is all right that we see Janaka tomorrow." 47.19

The most brilliant, great man, Sumathi, who was famous, having heard of the arrival of Viśvāmitra, went forward to receive him. 47.20

After doing proper worship, along with his relatives as well as priests, he enquired about the welfare of Viśvāmitra and spoke to him. 47.21

"Oh sage, I consider myself blessed as you visited me, my country and blessed us; I consider that no one is more blessed than me." 47.22

This is the end of Forty Sixth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.