Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 46

Sargam [Chapter]: 46
Diti's Penance and Indra

[Diti seeing her sons were defeated requests her husband Kaśyapa to bless her with a son who will kill Indra. He requests her to lead a life of penance. When she is almost about to complete her penance, Indra enters her womb and cuts that foetus to seven pieces.]

"When all her sons were killed, Diti became very sad and spoke these words to her husband Kaśyapa, the son of Mārīcha". 46.1

"Oh God like person, my sons were all killed by your other strong sons and therefore I desire to have a mighty son, capable of killing Indra by great penance." 46.2

"I will practice great penance and it is only proper for you to give me a son, who is capable of killing Indra. Give me your consent and give me an embryo to fulfil my purpose." 46.3

"Then the greatly lustrous Kaśyapa, who was the son of Mārīcha, having heard the words of Diti, who was sad, replied." 46.4

"Oh lady, with wealth of penance, let it happen that way. May you become prosperous and pure. You will give birth to a son who will kill Indra in battle." 46.5

"If you remain pure and clean, after one thousand years, you will give birth to a son through me, who will be the lord of three worlds." 46.6

Sage Kaśyapa, with great lustre, after speaking like this, touched her body with his palm and gently patted it and saying "May God be with you", went away to do his penances. 46.7

"Oh great man, after he had gone, Diti, who was greatly joyous, reached a sacred spot called Kushaplavanam and started practising mortifying penances." 46.8

"Oh great man Rāma, when she was doing her penances, the thousand eyed Indra started doing service to her with great reverence." 46.9

"Devendra provided her fire, Kuśa grass, sticks for lighting up fire, fruits, roots and all things that she wanted as per her needs." 46.10

"Devendra massaged her stiff limbs and all times attended on her so that her tiredness is removed." 46.11

"Oh son of Raghu clan, nine hundred and ninety years passed this way and Diti was greatly pleased with Indra and told him." 46.12

"Oh great deva, as per my desire, your great father granted a boon of a son to me after one thousand years." 46.13

"If I do strict penance for ten more years, which are remaining, you will see a brother of yours. You please be safe." 46.14

"I shall give him the pleasure of victory over you and later unite him with you, so that you can achieve victory over the three worlds along with him and relieved of your sorrow, you would enjoy this life." 46.15

"That lady Diti, after having spoken like this to Indra, was overpowered by sleep that noon and slept with her feet on the place where her head should be." 46.16

"Indra seeing her bad posture of feet, where her head should be, and also with her un-tied hair falling on all sides became happy and laughed." 46.17

"Oh Rāma, that Indra entered in to her womb and severed her valorous embryo in to seven pieces." 46.18

"The embryo, being severed by the hundred edged Vajra, cried loudly and Diti woke up due to that." 46.19

Indra telling the embryo "do not cry", "do not cry " and that highly powerful one was cutting it even though it was crying. 46.20

Diti shouted "It should not be killed", "It should not be killed" and Indra obeying the words of his mother came out. 46.21

Armed with Vajra and with folded hands Indra told Diti, "You had slept with your hair falling over your feet and have become impure." 46.22

"I used this opportunity and severed him, who would have killed Indra in to seven pieces in a war. Oh Devi, I merit a pardon from you." 46.23

This is the end of Forty Sixth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.