Rāmāyana | Bala Kaṇḍa | Chapter 44

Sargam [Chapter]: 44
Brahma's Blessing of Bhagīratha

[Lord Brahma blessed Bhagīratha for doing a great job. The entire earth was indebted to him for bringing Ganga to earth. The Ganga was also called Bhagirathi and Tripathaga because she flows in heaven, earth and nether worlds.]

"The King, followed by Ganga, reached the ocean and then entered the lower regions of the world where the sons of Sāgara were made in to ashes." 44.1

"After the ashes were inundated by the sacred waters of Ganga, the Lord of all the worlds Brahma addressed the king." 44.2

"Oh tiger among men, the sixty thousand sons of the great King Sāgara, who were liberated, have gone to heaven like devas." 44.3

"Oh King Bhagīratha, as long as the waters of the ocean are there, till such time, the sons of King Sāgara will stay in heaven." 44.4

"This Ganga will become like your eldest daughter and will be known in this world by your name, Bhagirathi." 44.5

"Ok King, the divine Ganga will be known as Tripathaga, as well as Bhagirathi, flowing and purifying all the three worlds." 44.6

"Oh lord of men, oh king, you performed your rituals to ancestors with this water and fulfilled your vows." 44.7

"Oh king, even by your ancestors, who were highly renowned, who were the followers of Dharma and who were the greatest among your clan, this desire was not fulfilled." 44.8

"Oh Son, similarly even by Amśumān, who had matchless power in this world, the vow to bring Ganga was not completed." 44.9

"Oh sinless one, oh blessed one, even your father King Dilipa, who was a royal saint, who was greatly virtuous, who has the lustre of a sage, who was equal to me in austerities and who abided strictly by the tenets of dharma of a king, was not able to request Ganga and bring her to this earth." 44.10- 44.11

"Oh best among men, the vow has been fulfilled by you; you have obtained special fame in this world and would be highly revered." 44.12

"Oh destroyer of enemies, by your act of bringing the Ganga to this earth, you have secured the greatest place in Dharma." 44.13

"Oh best among men, Oh tiger among men, it is befitting that you purify yourself by taking bath in these sacred waters and acquire the result for your blessed deed." 44.14

"Oh King, perform ablations to all your forefathers with this water. I wish you safety. I am going back. You also please go back to your place." 44.15

"The highly renowned God, the lord of all devas, the grandfather of all the world, Lord Brahma, after speaking like this, went back to the world of gods, by the same way that he had come." 44.16

"Oh Rāma, the highly famous royal saint Bhagīratha, as per the normal way and as per the principles of justice, performed the highest ablations with water to the sons of Sāgara, became purified, entered his own city after fulfilling his desire and ruled over it." 44.17-44.18

"Oh Rāma, the world became happy in getting Bhagīratha as their King. After fulfilling his desire, he was freed from all worries and got all his sorrows mitigated." 44.19

"Oh Rāma, this story of Ganga has been told by me to you in great detail. The evening time is nearing and you would attain prosperity." 44.20

"This sacred story of bringing Ganga from heaven would confer prosperity, fame, longevity and progeny to those Brahmins, Kshatriyas and others who recite it. Their forefathers would also be extremely pleased." 44.21

"Oh son of the Kākutstha clan, this sacred story relating to the descent of Ganga, if heard with concentration by someone, he will get all his sins destroyed and his fame and longevity will increase." 44.22-44.23

This is the end of Forty Fourth Sarga of Bala Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.